Sunday, October 24, 2010

Revenge is best served with raisins

Kiffany: What would you like, sweetie?

George: Revenge.

Kiffany: We're all out of that. Anything else look good?

George: Oatmeal with raisins.
--Ellen Muth as Georgia "George" Lass
--Patricia Idlette as Kiffany

I'm having a Dead Like Me marathon again this morning. Still have few more episodes to go, and I just wanna say that reapers kick ass and Mason's the coolest of the bunch! Too bad this show got cancelled after only 2 seasons though.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Imma Bee

Currently... : suffering from stomach ache. Aaarrrgghhh!!!
Current location: junction between waking world and the dreaming.
Current music: You don't need to change, your future's with us.

I don't know why but my tummy huuuuuuhhrrrhhtt soo much right now. Huhu... But anyway, my thoughts comes first so I have to endure this excruciating pain somehow. It was two weeks ago when I last posted something on my blog and I'm suppose to take a break in order to give way to my studies and such. Due to this I don't think I can post anything for awhile. Busy busy busy! Assignments keep piling up on my desk, so got to finish it all before I get into much trouble later. Hence, I'm saying farewell for now (but not forever, don't fret!) and until we meet again my dear readers, and fellow bloggers, Hwyl fawr! (a.k.a bye!) :D

Correction: I should BLOG about it first.