Monday, November 22, 2010

Adiposity, begone!

Current location: on the floor
Current music: ...some people's destiny, passes by

I'm bummed because I did not (at least I think I didn't) do that well in my finals, as I hoped to. There's like so many killer paper on the same day that I don't know how to start and I just lost my focus... I'm very disappointed with myself. But nevermind that, all that matters to me now is that I survived! Wuhu! Patting myself on the back!

It's the end of the semester already... I'm slightly sad but for the most part, I'm just relieved. Finally, after 6 long months, I can go back home. I missed home so much! There's no way I won't enjoy being home. But my holiday would only last for a month only and that sucks. So, speaking of semester break, me and my (ex) roommate, Diana made a deal which is to lose all this excess adipose tissue as much as we can. My target is between 5 to 10 kg but I don't know about her because this is my idea and I'm not sure whether she's going to follow through with it. But we'll see next year when we meet again. Sadly, we're not going to be roommates anymore next semester as we're changing college again. Huuh... 

But I really hope I could shed some weight this coming month and pray for me guys! I'm gonna need it. >.<"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woke Up

Currently...: gloating! I just made a delicious dinner for myself... from scratch. 
Current location: my bro's house
Current music:        Strangelove, strange highs and strange lows
                                            Strangelove, That's how my love goes

I woke up today and I feel like sh*t. I don't know, it's just one of those days, you know. Days when you think you've had enough and want to just get away from everything and clear your mind. I have a lot on my mind right now and I just wish that I could just like... I don't know...make 'em all disappear I guess. It's hard to be me, but I don't want to mess it, my life, myself I mean. It's hard but I got to. And I'm supposed to be studying right now since it's the study week and my finals going to start next week. But instead I wrote this blog. What the f is happening to me??? Maybe I missed my family a lot. Yeah, blame anything but myself right? aha! It's gonna be one tough finals this semester. But no motivation to start studying yet. Hopefully my mood will be back to normal by tomorrow. Or else I'm dead meat.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that last Halloween, I turned 24. I had a great birthday dinner thanks to my brother and his wife and we also had a lovely time but everything was ruined by watching movie at the Curve Cathay Cineplexes. I warned you, don't watch a late night show there. Since I'm the birthday girl so I get to choose what movie we're gonna watch, so I picked Takers. The movie was alright but not that great. The only great thing about it is my Hayden frickin' Christensen. I said cathay cineplexes sucks because halfway through the movie, the screen turned white without any explanation. Ok, so they fixed it after a while. But not long after that, just right when the plot thickens and I was absorbing on the movie, suddenly the sound gone AWOL. What the f, right? A lot of peeps left after that but we stayed because I wanted to see the ending. We were tempted to get the refund as well but our one and a half hour would be wasted for nothing so we stayed. They re-winded the film and all so it was alright I guess. My mood didn't get any better though, since they killed off Hayden's character =:(

But I can always see this video... hehe:

Awww... Hayden is so... I don't know, bodyguard-ish?? But still cute as ever!

Aside from that, I'm happy to announce that I'm a proud owner of a copy of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, after looking for it for almost 2 years now. Currently reading it and loving every pages so far. A perfect birthday gift for myself.

A great read is what it is!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Revenge is best served with raisins

Kiffany: What would you like, sweetie?

George: Revenge.

Kiffany: We're all out of that. Anything else look good?

George: Oatmeal with raisins.
--Ellen Muth as Georgia "George" Lass
--Patricia Idlette as Kiffany

I'm having a Dead Like Me marathon again this morning. Still have few more episodes to go, and I just wanna say that reapers kick ass and Mason's the coolest of the bunch! Too bad this show got cancelled after only 2 seasons though.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Imma Bee

Currently... : suffering from stomach ache. Aaarrrgghhh!!!
Current location: junction between waking world and the dreaming.
Current music: You don't need to change, your future's with us.

I don't know why but my tummy huuuuuuhhrrrhhtt soo much right now. Huhu... But anyway, my thoughts comes first so I have to endure this excruciating pain somehow. It was two weeks ago when I last posted something on my blog and I'm suppose to take a break in order to give way to my studies and such. Due to this I don't think I can post anything for awhile. Busy busy busy! Assignments keep piling up on my desk, so got to finish it all before I get into much trouble later. Hence, I'm saying farewell for now (but not forever, don't fret!) and until we meet again my dear readers, and fellow bloggers, Hwyl fawr! (a.k.a bye!) :D

Correction: I should BLOG about it first.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So, I tried making a video of myself fooling, I mean singing a song that's pretty famous on youtube by Julia Nunes (originally by The Foundations). Huhu... but it failed! Epically! 

I mean, just look at that! O God! * face-palm* 

After much thought (cough*which takes only about one second after I looked at this video*cough), I think that it's best just to give the audio only rather than showing my silly face and how I tried very hard not to make a fool of myself. Sorry! No more videos of me singing in the future! At least not with my face shown I think :D

Well here's the audio! Thanks for listening! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is too funny, I can't stop laughing whenever I saw it! Courtesy of my friend Mr. Tom.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out of the box

Currently: reading some aritcles and forums
Current location: on a 3rd floor somewhere.
Current music: All the times that I cried, keeping all the things I knew inside, It's hard, but it's harder to ignore it. 

I love conspiracy theories. OK...not a good way to start a paragraph, is it? Well I have to admit that I really love conspiracy theories and all that jazz. I don't know why, but it started just recently by the way, or more precisely right after I finished The Arrivals. I'm not saying that The Arrivals was made up of pure conspiracies, since it's also based on the holy Al-Quran and from the Muslim point of view. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there, you just have to know where to search but I find that those that  involving NWO (new world order) is the most engaging to me.

You know, it's amazing how these conspiracies can sometimes makes no sense and yet it makes me want to reflect more on the issues as well. It makes me want to search for the truth further. I have no idea how these conspiracy theorist have the abilities to connect each point and details and joins them to form a much bigger picture, considering how minute the details were sometimes. Fantastic. And the best part of it all is not the conspiracy theory itself actually, but the debate that comes out after, between those who support it and those who argue. It's an amazing eye opener what some of these opinions by other people's are. They tend to make me see things that is outside of the box! You should try it sometimes. Read on some of the conspiracy theories and see all the debates or forums regarding it. Don't judge them because they don't think like you are, but in some way try to open your eyes and enrich your knowledge! Rather than discussing on trivial matters that doesn't enlarge your knowledge nor worth your time. Thus I urge you to think outside of the box starting today!

Avast, me hearties! Fer today is the 'Talk like a Pirate Day', did you know? Well, I don't know about yer, but I don't know much about pirate language so in commemoration o' it, I be sayin' just one thing... Aarrr!!

Imma be on the account then! Fair winds!

Yo-ho-ho! :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Disebabkan hari ini merupakan hari Malaysia, jadi saya terasa seperti terpanggil dan teringin untuk menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu, iaitu bahasa ibunda negaraku tercinta Malaysia. Bukan bahasa kolumpo atau bahasa melayu pasar seperti yang digunakan oleh ramai orang di Malaysia kini. Disebabkan Bahasa Melayu saya kurang lancar dan saya hanya mampu mendapat B sahaja dalam SPM, oleh itu maafkanlah sebarang kesilapan yang saya buat dari segi tatabahasa mahupun struktur ayat... hehe. Waaa... lamanya x tulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Kali terakhir adalah dalam SPM 2003 sewaktu menulis karangan untuk kertas peperiksaan Bahasa Melayu. Ceis.


Sebagai generasi muda yang tinggal di Malaysia, apa yang anda tahu tentang tarikh tersebut? Apakah signifikannya tarikh tersebut? Hmmm... 

Jawapan: MALAYSIA merdeka DAN ditubuhkan pada 16 September 1963

Saya adalah seorang anak Sarawak. Tiada rahsia lagi tentang perkara tersebut. Sejak kecil, saya telah diajar dan diberitahu tentang betapa istimewanya tarikh 16 September 1963 bagi mereka di Sarawak dan juga Sabah. Jadi persoalannya sekarang, mengapa kita merdeka pada 31 Ogos 1957? Hmmm...entahlah labu, labi pun tak tau... ooopss...terkeluar sikit bahasa pasar. Maafkan saya.

Setelah 47 tahun Malaysia merdeka, baru hari ini diraikan secara rasmi... How would you think we fellow Malaysian's from Sabah & Sarawak feels? (Please excuse my english...)

Andai saya ditanya soalan, adakah anda tersinggung apabila tahun merdekanya MALAYSIA adalah masih lagi pada 1957? Jawapan saya sudah semestinya, YA. Mengapa rakyat Malaysia, khasnya mereka yang berasal dari Semenanjung Malaysia selalu beranggapan bahawa Sabah & Sarawak masuk Malaysia?? Hmmm... 

Tahukah anda? 
Dipetik dari sebuah blog: 

"Ingat lagi satu perkara. Ingat sampai ke anak-cucu. Sabah dan Sarawak tidak MASUK Malaysia. Sabah dan Sarawak adalah dua bahagian daripada empat bahagian, termasuk Malaya dan Singapura, yang membentukkan satu negara bernama Malaysia. Sebenarnya lima bahagian kalau dikira Brunei sekali. Tapi Brunei masa tu tak nak bercantum dengan kitaorang."

Maka ayat yang lebih tepat lagi di sini adalah, Sabah & Sarawak sama-sama BERGABUNG untuk membentuk sebuah negara baru bernama MALAYSIA.

Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut? Sila layari blog ini.

Saya SAYANG Malaysia. Tapi persoalan saya adalah, adakah anda sayang kami sepertimana kami sayangkan Malaysia? Adakah Sabah Sarawak kurang Malaysia? Hmmm... fikir-fikirkanlah...

Tetapi, satu perkara yang pasti adalah saya seorang rakyat Malaysia dan berharap agar Malaysia terus maju tanpa mengira asal usul, adat budaya, dan perbezaan masing-masing. PEACE!


Ingat tarikh ini: 16 SEPTEMBER 1963

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is Happening Here?

Current music: I wanna tell you sometimes / it feels like we've killed the world / Don't wanna leave you like no mercy left at all / Then I don't know where the love, will come back into our lives / It feels like saving the world, saving the world / You and I

humanity /hjʊˈmanɪti/
noun (plural humanities)
[mass noun]
1  human beings collectively:
            Appalling crimes against humanity
·         The state of being human.

2   the quality of being humane; benevolence.

3   (humanities) learning concerned with human culture, especially literature, history, art, music, and philosophy.

source: oxford dictionaries online

humanity /hjuːˈmæn.ə.ti
humanity noun (people)
[U] people in general
humanity noun (kindness)
[U] understanding and kindness towards other people
humanity noun (subjects)
(the) humanities
[plural] the study of subjects such as literature, language, history, and philosophy

source: Cambridge dictionaries online

Do you think that humanity is hopeless? Do you only see bleak and uncertain dark future for our kids? If you answered yes, then…shame on you! You need to get outta here! NO! Wait! I’m just kidding of course. Please stay. I need the traffic anyway.

Seeing what happens in our world today just plainly breaks my heart. Nations being oppressed, killings, genocides, war, famine, animal cruelty, exploitation, pollution and the list just goes on and on…  I do believe in humanity, I do. And I do believe that we can find peace and live in harmony regardless of race, religion and status. But it’s hard because we’re humans,  who (me included) are full of flaws, and we’ve been like this ever since God created Adam and Hawa (Eve). Jealousy, greed, hatred, ignorance, egoistic, arrogance, anger are just some of these flaws, or in other word mazmummah traits. Remember the story of Habil (Abel) and Qabil (Cain)? There’s even a Korean drama made based roughly on the events! But humans don’t really learn anything from this. I’m really sad.  I just hope that my children or your children and the children of their children will know peace, and it’ll not become just a word which never actually existed anymore… Give peace a chance!

I am not a preacher (I'm too flawed to be one anyway), but just a normal human being that can’t stand seeing another human being or any beings being hurt again and again and again by our disgusting flaws… makes me so ashamed of being called a human. Don’t we all have hearts?? What is happening here? What is happening?

I said this before and I would repeat it again, I still believe in humanity!

Hope that this doa will be in your prayers, my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

بسمالله الرحمنالرحيم

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.
May the blessings of Allah be upon our master and our beloved one
And our intercessor and our Prophet Muhammad and the household of Muhammad
May the blessings of Allah be upon all the Prophets and Messengers
May the blessings of Allah be upon all the Angels
O’ Allah, grant victory to the Muslim ummah
O’ Allah, hold dear to you the Muslim men and women
O’ Allah, hold dear to you the believing men and women
O’ Allah, I ask you for guidance and satisfaction
O’ Allah, I ask you for reverence in prayer
O’ Allah, I seek refuge in you from syaitan the accursed, the damned
O’ Allah, I seek refuge in you from all of your enemies
O’ Allah, I seek refuge in you from the evil of oppressors
O’ Allah, I seek refuge in you from the evil of hypocrites
O’ Allah, I seek refuge in you from the evil of the arrogant one
O’ Allah, I ask that you don’t make me of the losers
O’ Allah, I ask that you don’t separate me from my religion
O’ Allah, I ask you to have mercy on me and to guide me
O’ Allah, I seek refuge in you from the evil of my nafs (ego) and the evil of my qareen
O’ Allah, I ask you to grant paradise as my destiny

By the way, I would like to wish Muslims Happy Eid ul-Fitri! Please forgive me for all of the mistakes that I've made and if I've offended you in any way be it unintentionally or intentionally! Peace everyone! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Currently... : can't quit smiling for some unknown reason... maybe because I don't have any more test coming up! yippie!
Current location: on my comfy bed.
Current music: "Ku yakini, nikmat yang kau beri, Segalanya padamu kan kembali..."

Do you believe in fairy tales? I don't. Well I did but that was a very loooonggg time ago. Maybe because I've outgrown believing anything that's not real. But I do read stories when I was a kid. My father likes to buy story books and I love to read them back then. Most of the story books were from classic children fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and many many more. But one thing that I can't seem to understand is that all of the characters are white! There's not much difference among each fairy tales. All of them are white or Caucasian! I'm not trying to sound racist here but I think there's something wrong with that. 

And here is where I want to pick up where I left off. For the past week, I've been watching this documentary on youtube about the arrival of Dajjal or anti-christ, called The Arrivals. And I wanted to share the message that the maker of this documentary trying to relay to its viewers on episode 40. You should watch it yourself as it's too long for me to explain everything. Mainly because I'm lazy, and all of you already knew that...pffftt...Well, watch it! It's not necessary just for Muslims only, but all human race can watch, no matter what religion. It's very informational and might just wake us up from this long dream that seems to never end.

The main message that they wanted to say is that we are made by the Creator in this world, into many people's and tribes so that we can learn about one another... So back to my previous story, I heard someone said


I was really taken aback by this sudden voice. The owner of the voice is an African man, who was walking behind me before the cats greeted me, and he was smiling when he watched me play with the cats. So he asked me,

"What do you call this (points at the cats) in your language?"

Now as you all might know by now, I'm a Sarawakian so, the first thing that came to my mind is the word 'pusak', meaning cat. But thankfully I didn't blabbed it out loud and immediately answered,

“It’s kucing!” and I smiled back at him albeit warily.

And then he said, “We called it _______ (sorry! For the life of me, I can’t remember what he said!) in my language,” before he left. 

It sounded a bit like ‘tupeika’ or something like that, I honestly don’t know. But that was one of the most random, most unexpected situation that has ever occurred in my life, here in upm. And somehow it made me happy to communicate with a race other than my own. I wish I could interact more with foreigners and learn more about their culture. The only problem though is that I’m very timid and wouldn't even speak to my own friends unless they speak to me first! Aiyo!! 

O by the way, my cat, Puteh is still missing! :(

Another shot of my cat... I really missed her so much! T.T

Puteh, during her rebellious, 'childhood' years... or months 


Monday, August 16, 2010

curiosity actually saved the cat!

Currently: wondering when I'm gonna open my book and cram.
Current location: in my dorm room.
Current Music: closer to the edge!

Finally! The internet is up and running like how it was suppose to be. I've been here for almost 2 months and I'm quite annoyed with the lack of internet all this while. It's especially hard for me to find information and... stuff when I most needed it. But, now I'm truly happy so thanks upm!

So for 2 days straight we've been having exam and I think I'm ready to explode! It's annoying when you have 2 papers on the same day, but complaining won't do any good so the best bet is to study. Yet I'm glad that I've completed 3 exam and only 2 more to come, although I think it's gonna be really hard for me as it's also the month of Ramadan. 

Speaking of Ramadan, it has been day 3 of fasting for Muslims and only 27 more to go until Syawal. I can't wait! Though I'm not going back to Sibu to celebrate Eid with friends and families, instead I will be here with my parents and my brother. It'll be my first time Raya-ing outside of Sarawak. Wonder how it will be...hmmm... I'll report back when that time comes.

Ramadan brings back so many things... memories of the past and also strange situations that sometimes just appeared out of nowhere. Like yesterday. I was going back to my room from the cafe when 3 cute cats greeted me playfully. So I was playing with them when suddenly, a voice from behind saying "Assalamualaikum"...

... Wanna know the rest? I'll update on my next blog post... he he he :D

Need to go to class, NOW! Until then, bye!

Monday, August 9, 2010

He he he

Currently: hungreh!
Current location: library
Current Music: the amazing Maher Zain

Remember the abang that I told you in previous post who works in the cafe where I live? Well, he's back! Last night, I was ordering drinks, again at the same place and wondering just where that abang was. At first I didn't see him , so I was just minding my business and waiting for my drinks. But when it's time to take my receipt, guess who were responsible to hand it to me? Yes, it's that same abang! I kept on waiting for him to give the receipt but he didn't look like he's going to anytime soon. But after a few moments of staring (mostly him staring), he gave it to me.

A friend of mine were also buying drinks form the same stall and after we left, she said to me that the abang asked her about me. He asked where I'm from and whether I'm a chinese or malay. Phew! That was totally unexpected. But the staring part was quite creepy. He just looked at me and holding on to my receipt refusing to give it to me even when I asked about it, until his co-worker finally told him to. But he's cute though! I really don't mind it! he he he!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hellish week

Currently: finished reading Naruto 505! love it!
Current Location: home!
Current music: You were the only face I'd ever known. I was the light from the lamp on the floor, and only as bright as you wanted me to be

It's Friday! And I love Friday due to many reasons but mainly because of these:

  • I ain't got no class today :)
  • It's the holiest day of the week.
  • I can rest without worrying about waking up extra late.
  • It marks the end of a hellish week (before the start of another hellish week?)

So this week was hell for me as I have multiple assignments to finish, and I'm quite sure that next week is going to be exactly the same, except that not only I have to finish my works, we have exams too. Huhu... I don't know if I can survive or not. Hope I'll make it thru' next week in one piece ya!

A couple of unforgettable thing happened early this week. One involved me and this very handsome abang at my cafe and the other involved 3 handsome foreigner students. 

So I was at the cafe to order drinks, and I ordered 'Kopi ais, tapau satu' (one iced coffee, takeaway) to the abang (guy) that's behind the counter. But the abang misheard me and asked me with shocked eyes, "Did you just said 'kopi ais limau??". And I just wanted to laugh out loud by that. But that abang is handsome, so I just smiled and said "kopi ais, bungkus la bang!". Imagine what a certain kopi ais limau (iced lemon coffee) would taste like... I can't.

And yesterday, me and 2 of my friends were at the library, just doing our work  when suddenly, this horrifying effing sound just echoes throughout the whole corner of the library. I think time stopped right at that moment and I looked at my friends to contemplate on what just happened. I didn't dare to turn around (as my back was facing them) to see who dare to fart (very loudly mind you!) in the frickin' library. But I couldn't hold my curiosity and I saw that they were actually 3 foreigner and one of them was responsible for it. They were laughing to each other and quite loud. Luckily everyone (at least I think that it's everyone) pretended like nothing happens and just move on with their life. That was one of the funniest moment in my life!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beautiful music

Currently: too stiff to move. I've been online since, too long... :p

I have no actual post today but I just wanna share this beautiful song by Matt Hires called O Sunrise.

Sunrise oh, sunrise
Look in my eyes
'Cause I know you can see
Oh, I know you can see
Swallow the darkness
And color the sky
'Cause I want to believe
Oh, I want to believe

And lift up your head
'Cause I need you to hold me
I need you to sing me your song
And lift up your head
Oh, the night's long and lonely
And nothing's the same when you're gone
Oh, nothing's the same when you're gone

Ohhh woaaah

Sunrise oh, sunrise
You sail through the sky
Like a ship on the sea
Like a ship on the sea
And breathing your light on
The clouds passing by
Won't you breathe it on me
Won't you breathe it on me

And lift up your head
'Cause I need you to hold me
And you've been away for so long
And lift up your head
Oh, the night's long and lonely
And nothing's the same when you're gone
Oh, nothing's the same when you're gone

Ohhh wooooah

Nightime oh, nightime
Oh, what will you say?
Now the dawn's shining bright
Will you just walk away?
Will you whipser my name
From some darkened doorway?
And try to hide in my shadow, 
And cover my face?

Oh but I want to see us
And I want to see
So sunrise oh, sunrise
Keep shining on me
Singing ohhh ohhhh ohhhh
Keep shining on me

And lift up your head
'Cause I need you to hold me
And you've been away for so long
And lift up your head
Oh, the night's long and lonely
And nothing's the same when you're gone

And lift up your head
Oh, I need you to hold me
And you've been away for so long ohh
Lift up your head
Oh, the night's long and lonely
And nothing's the same when you're gone
Oh, nothing's the same when you're gone

Sunrise oh, sunrise
Look in my eyes
'Cause I know you can see
Oh, I know you can see

Want more information on the singer? Please don't hesitate to click on this link.