Friday, September 28, 2012


As I sit here, wallowing about in self pity on how incredibly unlucky I get sometimes, I can't help but wonder have I been making the right choice? I don't know what to say! It's tough to be an introvert. Sigh...

I'm suppose to be at a gathering, watching Zee Avi perform and just having a good time albeit alone. But instead I'm stuck here at home writing a blog that no one would probably ever read. Sigh...


I don't even care to ask WHY. That's how pitiful I am. Damn!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Let me be patient let me be kind
Make me unselfish without being blind
Though I may suffer I'll envy it not
And endure what comes
Cause he's all that I got and
tell him...

Tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
And it'll be alright
Telll him be alright be alright
Tell him tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
It'll be alright

Now I may have faith to make mountains fall
But if I lack love then I am nothin' at all
I can give away everything I possess
But am without love then I have no happiness
I know I'm imperfect 
& not without sin 
But now that I'm older all childish things end
and tell him...

I'll never be jealous
And I won't be too proud
Cause love is not boastful
Oooh and love is not loud
Tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
Everything's gonna be alright

Now I may have wisdom and knowledge on Earth
But if I speak wrong then what is it worth?
See what we now know is nothing compared
to the love that was shown when our lives were spared
and tell him...

Tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
And it'll be alright
Telll him be allright be alright
Tell him tell him I need him
Tell him I love him
It'll be alright

- Tell Him by Lauryn Hill

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Set Phasers to Fun

I'm feeling bored today. So guess what I did? I picked up the guitar, and... Wham bam! Song covers!! It felt like centuries ago since I played on a guitar and I'm getting worst and worst at it. Oh well. But putting that aside, I'm not doing just one, but TWO songs this time... I'm REALLY bored you know. Oh and I hope you don't mind the background noises. Although I think that it just sort of enhanced the songs quite a bit cause for some reason, it blends in so well. I had fun doing this and hope you guys can enjoy. 

Ho Hey cover

Skinny Love cover

Friday, September 21, 2012

Phone Fable

Current location: Cheras
Current music: 'Waiting in the car, waiting for a ride in the dark'

I just got a new phone last month and I love it so far. Though it might not be the coolest/fastest/newest phone around, I still think that it's awesome for this little device to do so much. I had no idea how it feels like to own a smartphone before and now that I do, it's kinda hard to be separated from it. 

I still remember my first phone ever quite vividly. It's a Motorola, one of the c-series. But I don't remember which model exactly, most probably the c300. This phone has got to be one of the toughest phone ever, next to Nokia 3310. Which is funny because at the time my roommate own a 3310. It's much simpler in those days, where as long as it can send and receive calls or sms's then it's a great phone. Oh, and remember when you used to change the covers or 'housing'? Or how you used to 'compose' your own ringtones using numbers and alphabet? 

Motorola C300
Then a couple of years after that I got myself a new phone, also a Motorola. For almost 5 years, this is the phone that became my closest companion. We've gone through so much together, thick and thin that it almost brings tears to my eyes! I love it a lot. But the battery keep on dying so fast and I had no choice but to replace it. It's sad...

Motorola E398
After that, I got a gift from my brother who just got back from working in China. It's a Samsung this time but I only used it for a short period of time due to malfunctioned charging port. No charging port means no battery :(
I had to switch back to E398, which is fine.

Samsung Katalyst

I had to replace my Motorola temporarily with my dad's phone because the battery really worn out after some time. I am never really keen with Nokia at all before because I don't like the UI. Had no choice but to use it for school and stuff. This is the thinnest phone that I've used so far.

Nokia 2630
I've used the Nokia for almost a year when the 'accident' happened. My phone got hit by a car. Yes, I'm not kidding and it's not funny. I was walking when I saw a friend of mine and tried to wave when suddenly the phone just slipped (or rather flew) from my hand and fell on the pavement road and the next thing I knew, a car just hit it right in the middle. It happened so fast I don't even know what to say. Worst. Moment. Ever. Then I bought a new phone (right during my recession I must add), a Nokia C3. I have nothing but good things to say about this phone. It served me well. My first phone with a full qwerty keyboard by the way.

Nokia C3-00

My current phone, Sony Xperia Neo L. My history with this phone is still unwritten so we'll see how it will go I guess. But I'm planning to have a long and good one with it! 

Me phone!
So there it goes! My phone fable... By the way, what's your favorite phone?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Matters of the heart

Current music: 'It takes a thought to make a word, And it takes some words to make an action'

There are a couple of things that I find it hard to deal with in this life. One is Math. And the other one is stuff that’s related to the heart. However I can handle the toughest math question in the world and still be calm as a zen priest afterward, but I can’t say the same to the other. Why is it so? It’s a scary topic for me because I've had bad experience before. Still I had to at least explain something. So I like this one guy and I’ve tried really, really super hard not to harbor any feelings toward him but in the end I lost! I can’t deny my feelings at all. Whenever he’s near me my heart would beat faster than the speed of light. It’s been a long time since I felt this way about somebody and I’m glad that I’m normal for the most part. I even made a mixtape/mix cd? and  gave it to him (via a mutual friend of course because I’m a wuss). I guess he was embarrassed by it because he didn’t say anything or give any kind of response so I might not know how he feels about me ever. Sad, but at the same time I find it to be relieving.

What I don’t understand is that, why him? O heart, why him? He lived so far away from where I am and it’s so frustrating.

What makes him so special?

I don’t really know the answer to that. It’s weird. My heart is weird. :\

I don’t really know him that well but I did hear stories about him from my friend.

Maybe I like him because he’s kind? Soft spoken? (I like his voice btw). Charming? CUTE??
Or maybe all of the above. Oh I feel like such a fangirl right now.

What my friend said...
He’s quite popular among the ladies I must say and very sought after by girls there. I never stood a chance. However, it’s really satisfying to finally let it all out in the open. At least he now knows how I feel and I don’t regret it. This tragedy (at least I think it was a tragedy) has awaken something that I’ve never realized before deep inside and that is, I HAVE to be happy. While I still have the chance. Be happy. Just be happy.

Be happy while I still can.

That guy now have my heart in his very hand at his disposal and he probably won’t give it back to me. But I don’t blame him. He can do anything with it, stomp on it, eat it, keep it, or hang it I don’t really mind one bit. I just hope that he would remember me for a long long time. Please God, let me stay in his memories at least for awhile more.

And now I’m hungry :(