Sunday, May 31, 2009

I thought I knew

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Once upon a time, I really like a boy. Turns out, I don't need a boy, what I need is a man. Once upon a time, I thought I was in love and I thought that he was the one. But he's just another boy it seems as he never thought of me as the one for him. Once upon a time, I used to believe that I could achieve something more in life, just as long as I try. But the more I believe, the more reality starts to sink in that no matter how much you try, it's never ever going to be enough. What you need is not to try, but to do. Once upon a time, I was happy. I was very happy and living my life as if there was no tomorrow. No worries, no issues, no complication and no pressure that can bring your life upside down. But I grew up or at least growing older and you know how that feels. Once upon a time, time is a foreign and an unimportant subject. Now, it's the only thing that separates life from death. We are alive because we got time. Once upon a time, I used to dream all the time, now the only time I'm allowed to dream is when I'm asleep. That is if I'm able to sleep. Life isn't always wonderful and sometimes doesn't even need any figuring out. It's like a neverending puzzle or nightmare but they tend to figure themselves out on its own in the end. Like a math equation, they always balanced each other out. Ok, I'm not trying to talk about math here, just something to think about.

I've been lazy, and just loitering around my house doing nothing which lowered the drama in my life to the minimum. I tried to enjoy my freedom as much as possible because once I get out of here, I have no idea when I can be a lazy ass again. So far, my laziness doesn't make me feel too good as I gain some weight by not moving around a lot but it's fine. I'll live.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pembebasan atau Penyeksaan?

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Cerita terbaru dari francais Terminator, Terminator Salvation dapat mix reviews dari pengkritik-pengkritik filem, tapi bagi aku, cerita tok best! Berbaloi bayar tiket, walaupun telah ditipu sebab lam paper padah rega tiket RM4.00 tapi lam bahasa cina la nya madah. Cek-cek tek 9 inggit! Tulah menar. Tapi berbaloi la. Ada banyak aksi-aksi yang sik terlalu melarat atau berderet-deret. Disesuaikan juak ngan adegan-adegan romantik, jenaka & saspens. Watak John Connor adalah jauh berbeza dari T3, apatah lagik T2. Aku sik mok madah banyak2 sebab takut spoil lak ktk orang nangga. Tapi kira, watak John Connor selepas Judgement Day adalah lebih berat sebab nya boleh dikatakan harapan terakhir bagi manusia-manusia untuk menentang mesin dan Skynet. Dan sepertimana yang ktk orang tauk, Arnold Sesenger (malas na juak nak carik nama manusia tok!) dah jadi politician nek tok, jadi ne la ada masa nya nak berlakon nak. Jadi ada rasa kurang sikit la bila Arnold sekda lam crita tok. Cuma... yerr! Tangga dikpun la kelak.

Mesin-mesin & robot-robot lam cita tok best la. Suka aku. Yang paling best the motorbots ya. Mun banding dengan robot lam cita transformers, memanglah kalah sebab lam cita tok, mesin xda emosi. Daknya cuma dapat bertindak mengikut logik dan sik ada hati dan perasaan. Robot lam cita transformers ya sebenarnya alien, jadi lain sekali dari dalam cita terminator. Tapi bagi aku mesin cita tok lebih logik gik la.

Dalam filem tok, satu watak baru diperkenalkan, Marcus Wright, dan aku mok madah yang aku lebih suka karakter nya tok lebih banyak gik daripada watak John Connor. Siapa Marcus Wright yang sebenarnya? Hmmm...diat dikpun la! Watak ompuan, Blair Williams, pun bleh tahan juak, kuat, bersemangat & a breath of fresh air? She kick ass! Kedak Linda Hamilton yang berlakon sebagai Sarah Connor lam T1 & T2. Keseluruhannya, walaupun kenak bulak, terpaksa bergelut ngan manusia yang bukan main penuh nangga malam ya dan terpaksa memilih di antara Night at the Museum 2, aku puas hati. Sik kiralah apa orang lain padah, ngaaaa!!! Yang penting aku paling suka bila John Connor madah "I'll be back!" :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Playing God? Well...

With the latest of the Sims game franchise... I bet you can! Sims 3 is schedule to hit the market in June but I'm not sure when it's going to come here in Asia. Can't freakin wait. I know it's going to be super, based on what I saw and read in the magazines and on several websites.

According to wiki, and I quote, "Personality configuration for Sims has also been made more complex, with the original 'percentage bar'-style personality points replaced by a combination of traits, similar to those in the
personals section of newspapers. Toddlers have two traits, and a new one is added for each new life stage, until they reach young adulthood—so they will have 3 as a child, 4 as a teen, then 5 as a young adult, which are the five traits they will stay with for the rest of their lives. When creating a Sim, however, all trait spots do not need to be filled.
Create-A-Sim now features more than 60 unique traits to choose from.
[16] It is not possible to give a Sim traits that contradict each other (such as Brave and Cowardly). The player can also edit a Sim's favorite color, music genre, and food."

Only one word that comes to my mind...Awesome!

What? My own blog??? Am I crazy??

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I've never dreamt of having a blog to call my own. But still here it is! It's so weird because I'm not really much of a fun person, or someone who has a lot to say. So if you're reading this, I'm feeling sorry for you because I don't have a clue what my blog is going to be about so I might just waste your time here.

Where should I start? Shouldn't I introduce myself first? Or I could just ramble about stuff that you might not even care to know...whatever! So I'm a girl, duh, living in Sarawak, Malaysia, Sibu to be precise and I love this town. The people...not so much. Well some of them do indeed are lovely and them, I love of course. but there's something about Sibu that no other place has and I'm not quite sure what or why actually. I guess the notion ' Home Sweet Home ' is rather suitable for me to describe Sibu.

Now I'm waiting for my upu results, so I'm quite nervous. I might or might not get accepted to the University of my choice (UPM in Serdang) to further my studies. But if I do got accepted, which I really really do hope so, then that would be my first time leaving and living in other place outside of Sarawak. Kinda scary if you think of it, but also exciting at the same time. The only thing that I could do right now is just to wish all things to be well. So until long and prosper! (erk! Not a trekkie and never a fan but borrowing the motto wouldn't hurt, would it??) Ciao!