Friday, January 18, 2013


Current location: ...somewhere... over the rainbow!
Current music: "I'd love this world before it implodes"

You know what? I just realized that if I'm an activist, I would be a very bad one. A very very very bad one. That's because I can't be adamant. I simply can't. I listen to reason. I never take sides. And sometimes, I have poor judgment. Concerning issues regarding a lot of things, I am almost always on the fence. Maybe it's fear, or maybe it's ignorance, naivety, call it whatever. To be honest, I just don't like to hurt anyone, not a single soul. Or rather I hate the feeling you get when you hurt or fight with someone, even if they're strangers. What do you expect from a person who cried everytime when there's a sappy scene comes on the screen?

And don't even start talking about politics. 

I don't understand them.

And I think I never will.