Thursday, November 26, 2009

when boredom strikes today I was just fooling around with Feist's song... you know, the one that I've learned through youtube...
I may not be the best singer or the best guitar player, but I did it anyway...! Laugh if you want, it's just for fun after all... (>_<"

p.s. oh and a very Happy Eid ul-Adha to all Muslims... :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

nakama will always be nakama... :)

tommykupo: sup'
eLLien: hey tom
tommykupo: sorry can't move on with the so called interview, many tasks at hand right now
eLLien: owh. that's alright
tommykupo: been figuring stuffs involving internets
eLLien: like?
tommykupo: xml, widgets, hacks, css, traffic rank, alexa, webmaster tools, feedburner, technorati, nuffnang..etc
eLLien: where'd u learn all that?
eLLien: learn it urself?
tommykupo: yes..been into Gaia Memory just to find lots of them, hard to filter it out
eLLien: gaia memory?
eLLien: in english please! :D
tommykupo: Gaia Memory = Google, I took that term from Kamen Rider Double, phillip always finds stuffs and info from Gaia Memory
eLLien: hehe tom what's with u and kamen rider?
eLLien: u always mention mr kamen rider kun
tommykupo: I like them a lot..
eLLien: yeah i can see that
eLLien: hey i recommended the kimi ni todoke the other day
eLLien: did u read that on my blog
tommykupo: just posted?
eLLien: nope
eLLien: last week
eLLien: i'm so lazy i haven't updated regularly
eLLien: huhuhu
tommykupo: I see..check it up soon
eLLien: its a great read
eLLien: kimi ni todoke
eLLien: but it's a shojo manga
eLLien: haha
tommykupo: hehe shoujo? hmm..I recommend you to read Franken Fran, just like Black Jack, but with much disturbing scenes
eLLien: hmmm...i'll check em out later
tommykupo: hehe ok
tommykupo: whats you been doing lately?
eLLien: not much
eLLien: just sitting around...eating
eLLien: kumpul lemak
eLLien: haha
tommykupo: haha, you wanna be bigger
eLLien: not rly
eLLien: huhuhu
eLLien: just there's not much to do u know
eLLien: i don't have friends here
tommykupo: I cant control myself doing these searches, I need the net at home
eLLien: well why don't you install it?
tommykupo: money~
eLLien: owh...i c
eLLien: i know how that feels
tommykupo: I spend too much on family funds this month..haha
eLLien: don't have internet also back in sibu
eLLien: ehh that's not a bad thing
eLLien: u helped ur family
eLLien: that's very great of u
tommykupo: hehe thx.. I think I'm gonna blog seriously, also learning PHP & MySQL
eLLien: owh man. i wanna learn too
eLLien: just don't know where to start
tommykupo: self learning..all the way
eLLien: huhu pretty boring learning all by urself
tommykupo: not really..
eLLien: what website do u recommend?
tommykupo: experimenting and customizing.. is pretty addictive. Website? dunno, I will download the Dummies e-book first :))
eLLien: so u download everything?
eLLien: there's no specific website or anything?
tommykupo: most likely
tommykupo: no specific
tommykupo: Gaia Memory is too big
eLLien: hahaha
eLLien: that's right
eLLien: u still remember what sir zakri taught?
eLLien: i don't know where i put em
eLLien: haha lost already
tommykupo: Me too...think I lend the book to someone else
eLLien: i have the book it's just that i can't seem to recall what i learnt
tommykupo: re-learn is the only thing
eLLien: lembap! ngaaa!!! :-B
tommykupo: we could change from Geek to Mastermind you know
tommykupo: >:)
eLLien: i may not look like it but i'm a geek at heart
eLLien: hehe
eLLien: i think all of us in that class are
eLLien: i missed those times
eLLien: uuuuuuu
tommykupo: me too..but time will always goes by
tommykupo: I do not have The Sands of Time
eLLien: heheehhe
tommykupo: If I do have the Dahaka would surely wanna kill me off
eLLien: but really that's one of the most memories that i'll treasure
eLLien: i think that college life is much more fun than u life
tommykupo: you think?
eLLien: yep
tommykupo: why so?
eLLien: because back then all of us were still in this 'in between' phase
eLLien: between adolescence to adulthood
eLLien: it's like evertything is a new thing everyday
eLLien: but now...
tommykupo: we cannot stay that way forever
eLLien: i know...
eLLien: it's hard to let go sometimes
eLLien: although i was pretty sick back then
tommykupo: live life to the fullest, in that way we will not be missing so much of the past, rather appreciate it..ah the sickness you had before, how are you now?
eLLien: still got em here and there u know, but not as bad as before
eLLien: thank God i made through it
eLLien: almost didn't...
tommykupo: yeah..thank God, your own strength and friend and family support made you through
eLLien: yeah
eLLien: although i was sick, i really appreciate it that u guys didn't treat me differently
tommykupo: I didn't mind about your sickness actually
tommykupo: I like for who you are, not how you look
eLLien: geee thanks a lot tom!
eLLien: that really made my day! heeee
eLLien: :-p
tommykupo: remember, nakama will always be nakama to me
eLLien: hehehe okeh! nakama it is then
eLLien: hey tom, do u mind if i post this conversation on my blog?
tommykupo: hehe cool, lets go with the U Comment, I Follow movement~
eLLien: hahaha


Monday, November 23, 2009

He doesn't suck y'all!

currently... : Imma youtubing again
current location: peninsular malaysia, wishing everyday that she was back to borneo
current music: when you wish you were someone else and you wanna go out and kill yourself, you’re overreacting

I just discover this one man band with no fans today, which I stumble upon accidentally. I was watching some youtube video, (I was searching about Cyril errr don't ask!) (x_x) and the background song's just captured my heart... I instantly and frantically searching for the name of the song and who sings it. After searching for approximately 5 minute, I finally found it (by typing the whole word and all). It's Overreacting (the Deep Immunosupression Mix by Dr. Gore) by Brad Sucks. I definitely am his fan from now on! hehe... Oooh and he doesn't suck!

- This is the guy that I was talking about, Mr. Brad Turcotte, and he's great! -

I Dont Know What Im Doing by Brad Sucks

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Currently... : my business is growing strong...café world is very addictive indeed.
Current location: same as always, in front of the pc.
Current music: When you came in the air went out And every shadow filled up with doubt...

I am absolutely 100% a manga addict. I don't know who's to blame for that. Hmm...probably my brother. He liked to read manga then. I remember when we were kids, I used to read manga like all the time. My first manga is probably Doraemon. And then, I was introduced to Dragonball and there was no turning back since. I'm a manga whore! I have like a whole bookshelf dedicated for my precious manga collection. Yes, I'm a manga collector – Dragonball, Sailormoon, Chibi Maruko chan, Doraemon, plus a bunch of many other various Shonen & Shoujo mangas. I'm still a manga addict now, but I hardly ever bought any these days. Its tough (and depressing) being a student with no income you know. I wish I could buy manga anytime I want. Luckily, these days many sites offer manga download/reading for free, so I won't have to buy them. Series like Naruto, Bleach, Claymore, One piece, Gintama... and now, I have a whole hard disk dedicated for manga.... "-_-)

Right now, I'm reading Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You). It's a shoujo manga by Shīna Karuho, but I'm guessing that boys are also 'allowed' to read it since it's not too mushy or overly lovey-dovey love story or anything like that. I bet a lot of boys do read this manga, I think... Highly recommended for those who wishes for something new and refreshing. I enjoy reading it. And for once, I don't have a hard time liking the main girl character because usually the main character for shoujo manga was...well...unlikeable? Or just very hard to like at first. And the story was also different as it's not simply like boy meets girl, then they fall in love, have a little misunderstanding, and quickly resolve it then have a happy ending...totally nothing like that at all.

Well the story is about Kuronema Sawako, a girl who people at her school were afraid of because she resembles the girl from The Ring – Sadako (Samara), and she was also called Sadako because of it. There's this funny synopsis written that says, "Sawako is the perfect heroine – for a horror movie..." But of course she's nothing like a ghost. She's actually very sweet and naive. And she's incredibly dense (but extremely cute when she's in her dense/naive mode)! Sheesh! You have to read it to know more, and I promise you, you won't regret it! :D And I also adore the main guy character, Kazehaya Shouta...He's cute! – and have a very big heart! Sounds like the kind of guy I would hope for! Hehehe... There's also the anime version of it and if you would like to watch it, then go here.

Kimi ni Todoke (君に届け) - Reaching You/From me to you


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I FEEL it all

Currently... : I feel super!
Current location: youtube
Current music: Ooh I'll be the one who'll break my heart, I'll be the one to hold the gun

Youtube is the best teacher of all time...yeah! That's what I think! hehe. Just now I learned how to play Feist, I feel it all. A song that I love so very much from a singer whom I adore greatly.

I saw Feist for the first time on TV. But I wasn't much of a fan then. But after I heard the remix version of Mushaboom by Postal Service, I immediately googling her up to find out more about her and her music. That's how I first was exposed to her songs and the rest, as cliché as this would sound, is history. Thank You Postal Service!

And then about a year later or so, I saw on the news about her 1,2,3,4 video was being used as a commercial by Apple for Ipod nano. She became much more mainstream and known after that I guess.

This Canadian singer-songwriter is very talented and she had won many awards, among them including Songwriter of the Year, Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, Album of the Year and Single of the Year at the 2008 Juno Awards. Nice! To know more about Feist and her fabulous music, click here.

Word of the day: cyberchondriac
Someone who spends their time searching medical websites for diseases they convince themselves they actually have
Similiar to a
'Then i went on this website and found out that i actually have diabetes AND chronic fatigue!'
''re a cyberchondriac'


Friday, November 13, 2009

a really strange phenomena

Currently... : listening to The Action Design
Current music: Rails on rails Walls on walls Madness comes Madness goes!

So, today as I was scrolling through the status updates on facebook, a statement from mr. Tom has caught my eyes. Apparently, he was curious as to why do people, likes to have their pictures taken in the bathroom. Hmmm... I've never thought of that before. So I was asking the same question, and here were the top most famous reasons.

  • the 'lighting' - yeah right! like what's the different between the lighting in the toilet compared to any other rooms?
  • because of the big mirrors
  • because it's a private place, so no one can disturb while camwhoring.
  • low self-esteem - whaaaat????? is this for real?

So I find that this is a very interesting thing to discuss about. No, I'm not saying that it's wrong. People can do whatever the hell they want, I don't care. It's just that I would like to know why. Is that wrong?

Speaking of bathrooms, I've done some research on toilets. So there are 2 major kinds of toilets, the

Pedestal toilet

Squat toilet

And a combination of both

And there's also the portable toilet! Hey, now you can poop anywhere you wish! Sans flushing of course! Useful for campers I bet.

And here is what an ISS or a space toilet looks like

Kind of freaky if you asked me. Sure am glad I'm not an astronaut...hehe just kidding!

I wish someday, I could have a toilet like this:

-nyalah ya! x mampu ku nak bayar zakat emas, ngaaa!! XD -

Apart from taking pictures in bathrooms, there's also another thing that you may find common but strange if you think about it. Writing on bathroom walls/doors.

I think that's enough toilet talk for one day... Though I've got to say that this got to be the 'dirtiest' post I've ever written! :D

- Just beware of perverts! XD -

Thursday, November 12, 2009

can't be saved

Currently... : my mind is saying bleakhh
Current mood: bleakhh!
Current music: shut the door and turn all the lights out
And listen to all the songs that the night shoutsThey go something just like this

First of all, I would like to wish a very HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY to:


hehe. Now we're even! We're OLD Tom!! uwaaa... I know you're having a par-tay tonight, so drink responsibly yah!

So, what do I hate most? hmm....

Life's too short for hate!

It's not in my nature to blow up in front of people whenever I'm mad at them. I do, but only to those who are very very close to me. But I RARELY get mad to people that I am not familiar with. If I'm angry with them, the only thing that I would do is to avoid them. But I never hate them. Because life's too short for hate... It'll hurt a lot at the beginning, but surely in time, it'll heal. Life's too short for hate...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kampua oo kampua...

Currently... : I'm watching true blood... can't decide who I like more, bill or henry (blood ties)
current quote:
"don't stand there and be judgmental about her, when you're no different..." - Dr Kelso
current music:
so let this be my last salutation and let this be my first vindication if I believe it then I can leave it and I will leave it.

As you are aware, I'm watching true blood now. So you guys were wondering... 'hmm, that's strange. How can she watch true blood while typing her blog?'... Actually, I'm streaming it online, so I have to wait for it to be fully downloaded, so that I won't have to stop watching every 5 frickin seconds. I'm still a noob though as I only watch the first episode of the first season last Sunday. I LOVE vampire stories. I've seen and read like dozens of vampire related movies and books. Blade, Underworld, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Van Helsing, Buffy, Blood Ties, Blood: the last vampire...surprising though, I haven't read or watch any of the twilight saga. hehehe...

And I don't know for how long has it been since I last watch the TV. I used to love my quality time just watching tv and be a couch potato. But now, I rarely do so anymore, right ever since I started my University life. I kinda missed it. So this afternoon, I turned on the tv, and guess what's on?? Only my favorite doctor tv series of course! [Scrubs]! I love Scrubs very much thank you! I follow the series since like I was in form 4 or 5, and whenever I watched it, I would be laughing like a hyena. It's a fun show, and very funny. God, I was so happy when I heard the news that the show will continue for another season. Currently, the 9th season will premiere this December (US, don't know when it'll premiere here in Asia :( )


Dan satu gik perkara yang aku mok padah ialah.....

Aku makan kampua aria! yay! Nyaman aih! Bapak aku buat. Boh jeles! hehehe!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

get out

currently... : I'm reading a very funny blog. she's a genius
current location:
current music:
Something's gotta changeGood bye yesterdayTry again today
something's gotta change

when I read a blog about local students studying abroad, I would get this funny feeling... call it jealousy, call it envy, call it whatever you want, but I, sometimes wish that I could be that person and get out of this place. The sooner the better. I want to be there, a chance to be on the other side of the world, to experience life, something much bigger than what I have now. I know, I sound like an ungrateful little minx. But that's what truly want. I want to get out of here. There's got to be something much more for me out there, right? If only I was filthy rich!

On to some other random thing, I witnessed an accident yesterday, while having a claypot noodle at the mines (I don't like the noodles, I'd rather buy mee sedap than buying this noodles ever again! huh!). Though no souls were harmed, it looks like the car that was collided with the truck was damaged pretty badly. I could swear I saw the guy weeped. -or- maybe that's just my imagination (sebab aku ada imaginasi yg tinggi). That's why I don't like to drive here. Org sitok driving cam h1n1. Perangei x semperna nar! Asal dpt overtake jak puas la hati sidak. sial! Too bad I don't have any pictures. Drive safely guys! Biar lambat asal nyawa x melayang & mati katak. In the end Sapa rugi? Anda dan keluarga andalah! Dahla x sempat mengucap!

- Random things I found on the net -
Tonight I am so ___________________. (sleepy but I refuse to shut my eyes just yet)

Today was a/an _________________ kind of day. (uneventful)

Our weather was ________________ this morning. (rainy)

My favorite time of day is _______________________. (dawn)

The last thing I do before I go to bed at night is __________________. (pray)

I wish that I could go ____________________. (anywhere but here)

The first thing I do in the morning is ___________________. (thinking, "all is well")

I should have ______________ yesterday. (said goodbye to)


word of the day: Piglet Flu

During times of pandemic, the common flu is known as Piglet Flu. While less deadly than Swine Flu it still makes you feel like shit. However, because it is not infamous like swine flu you get no respect from having it. So you feel like crap and no one gives a damn because you don't have h1n1.

Doctor: How do you feel.
Patient: Like shit.
Doctor: Well the tests came back, you don't have swine flu. So get the hell out you lazy good for nothing bastard. Come back with a real illness.

Patient (as he is thrown out) But i really do have the flu. Even if it is only piglet flu.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

capo is what i'm looking for

Currently... : I was wondering, if things don't end up like this, then what would happen to me right now?
current location: recycle bin...trying to get rid of all the junk in my life
current music: "
butter on a summer day when i hear that name, a dream that never came true"

I was obsessed with death cab for cutie's I will follow you into the dark song from their 2005 Plans album. And so I decided to try and learn how to play it with my (i wish it was mine but... no, it's my brother's) trusty guitar. The result was not very satisfying because I don't have a capo! damn! But I manage to, thankfully, learn to play the whole song, though I'm no expert guitarist. But I'm learning everyday. Finger picking was not my forte I must say...heee... so I just settled with strumming them, thus destroying the song completely, I'm sorry dcfc! I didn't mean to! if only I could finger picking a guitar.

As you all can see, I desperately need a capo (and a teacher to teach me how to finger picking). At this very moment, my capo is a pencil and few rubber bands (these darn things always breaks, driving me insane!) and voila! a poor-man's capo! (T_T)

my poor poor-man's capo

ok, well y'all laugh out loud at my capo now. But I tell you what, I learned how to play the paramore's version of use somebody with this very unattractive thing! Now if only I could get my hands on a real one... Perhaps you could say it's my biggest (belated) birthday wish? hmmm... well actually, not really! hehe

But one thing for sure is that I want to learn how to play the guitar properly, and practice till my fingers bleed or something.


no lah! XD

- wish me luck! -
and wish on that capo too!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

One thing we have to go through every year

Currently... : i feel old
current location: 2009
current music: "I'll be the platform shoes; undo what heredity's done to you:
you won't have to strain to look into my eyes
" <--- I'm looking for this guy! did anyone find him??

so today is my birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself I guess... I don't really have the mood to celebrate this year because
  • a) I don't like to be reminded of being old
  • b) my idea of birthday celebration is being with ALL family members
  • c) It's raining!! arrgghhhH!! h1n1 nar!
I don't know how to describe my feelings but I think you guys can hear to this Jimmy eat world song. It's the anthem for my birthday...heee.

Analog Girl...signing out!

Friday, October 30, 2009

So where do we go?

Currently... : I'm reminiscing...
current location:
third planet
current music: "
But how do we do, when we turned into something else entirely, we fake it
Oh, I wanted it so desperately to be real

I miss my friends... I really do miss them lots! I wish I could go back to that time... especially to my fellow diplomas friends... I miss u guys!!!

As some of you might have known, my birthday is just around the corner (It's tomorrow!). So I was having a conversation with one of my diploma classmate via ym of course, and I can't stop reminiscing on those times when we celebrating my birthday... awwww... I love that moment. I'll always remember it as long as I breathe. I'll never ever forget it guys!

If I could I would do all of this again
Travel back in time with you to where this all began
We could hide inside ourselves and leave the world behind
And make believe there's something left to find

We'll be miles apart
I'll keep you deep inside
You're always in my heart
A new life to start
I may be leaving but you're always in my heart

Now we've all grown up, gone on and moved away
Nothing I can do about it, nothing I can say
To bring us back to where we were when life was not this hard
Looking back it all just seems so far, so far away

We'll be miles apart
I'll keep you deep inside
You're always in my heart
A new life to start
I may be leaving but you're always in my heart

I'd give it up for just one more day with you
Give it up for just one more day
I'd give it up for just one more day with you

I'd give it up for just one more day with you
Give it up for just one more day
I'd give it up for just one more day with you

I'd give it up for just one more day with you
Give it up, give it all away
I'd give it up for just one more day with you

We'll be miles apart
I'll keep you deep inside
You're always in my heart
A new life to start
I may be leaving but you're always in my heart

I need you now, we're miles apart
I'll keep you deep inside
You're always in my heart
I need you now, we're miles apart
I may be leaving but you're always in my heart

♥ u guys always n forever! muahhhsss!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Currently...: I feel sick...feels like I might vomit any minute now
Current location: back to Cheras
Current music: "I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain"

I don't know what was I thinking but this is probably going to be the most personal thing that I might have ever written on any of my blog. Just don't gag when you read it please. If you don't intend to read then there's that little red square with an 'x' on the upper right corner of your browser/tab whatever, just click on it and you're out. Kay, here goes nothing.

A lot of my friends including family member, asks me this question, and believe me when I said I'm getting tired of answering that very question: why are you still single la minah?


my answer is, I don't know and I don't care.

So, that's my answer really!

But I also have another theory on this matter, and among them is:
1. I'm not very like-able.
2. I'm weird
3. I'm not normal
4. I'm boring
5. I'm timid
6. I'm not exactly easy on the eyes
7. I'm not pretty enough for you
8. I don't like crowds
9. I love to be alone
10. I'm not interested
11. people thinks that I'm gay, ewww!! I love guys... I mean dude only! I swear!

and the list goes on and on...

but truthfully though, from deep inside my heart I know the real reasons why. It's because my soulmate either have died, M.I.A., or no longer live in this country or doesn't exist in the same era as mine. So there you go! Sorry for wasting your time. However, if somehow for unknown miraculous reason, I finally found my guy, YOU will be the first one to know. Just as long as you're reading my blog.

word of the day: Selective Fatigue Syndrome
Fatigue which is used as an excuse when one does not want to perform undesirable tasks such as work.

My co-worker claimed her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome kept her from coming to work, but she had no problems making it to the nightclubs. What she really has is Selective Fatigue Syndrome.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

help! i'm addicted

currently... : I can't sleep!
current music: ...
kau pergi...pergi...
current mood: hampeh da jak

Let me tell you guys about some of the things that I'm addicted to right now. Since I can't sleep and I needed to do something so boring so that I too can be sleepy, instead of u guys, and then I can finally have my beauty sleep. Among them are:

1. Paramore's new album Brand New Eyes

What can I say? hmmm....these guys and girl is totally brilliant. Words can't explain how great they are! The fact that I can't describe their awesomeness is the proof of how awesome they are. I listened to their songs over and over again and can't get enough of it. My favorite song? Since the album itself is my favorite, so I can't choose. But if I had to pick, then I have to say Brick by BoringBrick, The only exception and Careful. Oh and don't forget Ignorance (the acoustic version). But don't take my word for it, you just have to listen it for yourself. Hayley Williams is by far, my favorite female vocal to date. She's probably the very essence of awesome. d(^_^)b


OMG! This manga's been around for almost a decade but I only read it recently. What's wrong with me people??? If a friend doesn't recommended me to read it, then I most probably wouldn't even know it existed! What a shame it would be then, wouldn't it?? What I love most about claymore is that the drawings were pretty smooth and pwetty, plus the main characters were women, and all were beautiful and skillfully drawn, makes me want to read more and more. Currently, I'm still reading up to volume 14. There's still few volumes to go. Can't wait to finish 'em up. The storyline, was also very good. Overall, I think, that, I like this manga more than naruto and bleach...hehe!

3. Social Demography
I took this subject this semester, and I fell in love with demography study. I think I might, or highly likely to take up a field in demography. It's an interesting subject which focuses on the people, of ones nation and country. Quite boring actually if you attend the lectures, but I don't know why I'm attracted to it....hmmm...maybe I'm just weird.

I think I'm getting sleepy now, so I guess I succeeded in making myself sleepy... I'm going to continue this on my next next next post, hopefully, but don't count on it too much. Sooo.... Daa everyone!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yesterday's Feelings

Currently I'm... : ...hungreh...
Current location : my dorm room
Current music : all those feelings, those yesterday's feelings, will all be lost in time...

Waaaaa!!! I lost my favorite and the only umbrella ella ella that I have the other day, and now it looks like the day is always so cloudy, ready for rainfalls...uuuuu... and then I lost my precious pencil-box with my favorite pen inside. How in heaven should I be able to sit for my finals now??? Feels like I wanna shout, "alright already! I've had it!", giving up, and just quit and settle down back to Sibu and get married, or start a group or something. BUT! After listening to Dewa - Hadapi dengan senyuman, I quickly regain my posture, got up from my knees, and ready to kick some ass again. It's a tough life but loosing an umbrella and a pencil-box [ with my fave pen in it! :( ] is nothing compared to what those who live in countries such as Africa or in Latin America where food is scarce and poverty is unavoidable. I should be thankful to have been given opportunities to study and to eat whatever I want. Ok, I see that I've strayed a little from what I wanted to say. hehehe... merepak gik aku.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Currently...: I'm trying to deny that I'm hungry...omg...!!! saba2x posa2x
Current Location: Kajang
Current Music: "berlalulah sudah Ramadhan...sebulan berpuasa..."

Sik tauk camne mok memulakan blog ku ini...cewah! hehe. Anyway, aku posa aritok jadi lemah sikit nyawa nak mikir benda pa nak ditulis. Lak makin ku pikir2 makin lapa pewut ku. Lalu xda mood nak taip blog.

Tapi aku dah janji lam post sebelum tok yg aku akan sambung crita ku sebagai pelajar kat sitok. Mun sapa2 yg nanyak samada aku ok ka sik, aku OK la suma! byk masalah juak tapi insyaAllah aku akan dapat teruskan juak berusaha membetulkan masalah ya suma. huhu...doakan aku ktk org oi!

Aku antara pelajar baru yg paling tua aih! Dapat sik ktk org imagine??? Aku paling tua!!! Waaarrgghhh! Tensyen tahap gaban aku. Ada senior aku kat sitok kebanyakannya gik mudak gik dari aku. Tapi olah jaik ada jak. Nya sik tauk aku tok KAKAK nya. Disebabkan aku tok seorang yg pendamai & sik suka kecoh-kecoh, so I just shut my mouth and pretend that I'm not as old as I really am (aik? camne ya?) Haha!

Ada juak beberapa ikok yg jadi kawan aku. Ada yg baru dan ada yg lamak juak. Aku tok jenis yg pendiam & sik nego org gilak, jadi sik byk kwn baru...sian aku. Maybe kelak2 li. Malas juak nak berkawan byk gilak ngan sidak nya dolok. Biarkan daknya, dan biarkan aku. (Apajak di kerepak ku kah)

Hal study gik, aku sik dapat nak madah apa-apa sebab aku perasan yang tahap tok lain sekali daripada tahap yg sebelumnya. Dapat dirasai bah perbezaan diploma ngan degree... I missed my college years as a dip student. Degree tok ada susah sikit. Tapi mun nak dikira, semua benda lam dunia tok pun susah bah. Minak maok x maok jak gik kan?? InsyaAllah aku akan dapat melalui semuanya dengan bait2 jak. Semua tok dugaanNya bah.

Jadi, terjawab la sebahagian soalan yang aku tertanyak-tanyak sebelum aku sampei sitok. Alhamdullillah, setakat tok semua bagus dan aku harap aku akan dapat terus meningkatkan prestasi sebagai pelajar yg berdedikasi, berkharisma dan berwawasan! InsyaAllah...hehe!!

Last but not least, aku nak berterimak kasih, kepada semua yang mungkin ingat kat aku, dan yg berik sokongan samada secara lisan atau lam hati jak. Aku sayang ktk org suma aih! mena aih!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the story begins

Patutnya aku sekda masa nak tulis blog tok. Tapi disebabkan ada banyak aku nak cerita jadi aku adakan juak masa dan luangkan sikit pake nulis. Aku nektok bagi yang belum tauk gik, dah masuk U. Kat sine ya, ada antara ktk org nanyak. Aku diterimak masuk ke Universiti yang dolok dikenali sebagai Universiti Pertanian Malaysia dan dah ditukar nama nektok jadi Universiti Putra Malaysia. First bila aku terimak tawaran ya aku terus nerais madah ngan mak aku yang aku dapat masuk. Nang happy la jiwa dan raga aku...hehe. Sebab dolok time aku gik miak, aku memang mok masuk Universiti. Cikgu-cikgu semua madah mun blaja biarla sampe ke menara gading. Jadi aku pun happy, mak bapak aku pun happy. Jadi kmk org semua happy dan menjadi happy family the!?

Lom abis gik! Jadi aku (bukan akulah tapi boss aku yang kuar duit, Mak Seh Pa!!!) dah beli tiket, kemas barang semua, aku dengan semangat berkobar-kobar melangkahka kaki mok menyambung cita-cita nak belajar. Tapi semakin jauh aku berjalan, aku jadi semakin sedih... Aku sepertimana yang ada sesetengah orang yang kenal ngan aku, is a very very Sarawakian. Means that aku tok terlalu sayangkan Sarawak, Sibu in particular. Aku sayang mok keluar dari Sibu sebab bandar yang amat dekat di hati...cewah!! Tapi nang menar la. Walau canggih ne pun bandar-bandar lain lam dunia tok, mun sekda Sibu, sekdalah aku kan??? Anyone agrees??

Dengan hati yang separuh rela, aku nait juak belon dengan berfikir tentang macam-macam jak. Selamat sik aku kat sinun lak, ada kawan sik, camne bilit aku, orang kat sinun bait ka jaik, dapat belajar sik aku ngan aman, susah ka diam sorang-sorang...tentang benda-benda camtok...
Bila dah sampe kat sitok, rasa lain macam. Aku sedar yang aku bukan gik kat Sarawak, di sine org membahasakan dirik kamek atau kitak, aku sekarang kat Lepehland... wawawawa. Sakit jiwa aku!! To be continued....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Arrived, finally!

Currently...: I'm still wondering whether its going to be a good day or not today???
Current Location: Cheras
Current Music: "And I found that round here, In this city, That I won’t disappear, In this city, I got nothing to fear, In this city, In this city"

Cam sik cayak jak dah sampe sitok. Aku sampe ke KL dalam pukul 2.30 ptg pia dan sepanjang perjalanan rasa bumpy sekali. Some turbulence occured tapi sik teruk gilak sampe aku genggam handrest sampe jari-jari aku putih. It was ok. My brother picked us up and we'll be staying at his place for some time. Tapi aku kali lepas register trus masuk hostel la. more freedom for me it seems! But sekpalah. Asal aku bleh berjaya, I'd do anything.

Sampe jak kat KL tok petang marek alu hujan. Macam ada petanda tapi aku anggap petanda yang bait la, insyaAllah. Sebab kata kakak ipar aku dah berapa lamak KL sik hujan. Kira hujan rahmat la ya. Tapi malam tek aku kenak flu sebab terlalu sejuk sampe aik pun rasa sejuk kedak mandik aik ais. Lalu la berkasik-kasik aku. Ajab sa nyawa eh! Nek tok dah kuar ingus, sesuai la untuk aku yang masih dianggap budak hingusan. Adeh. Dahla org gago ngan virus H1N1 atau selsema babi ya, nang babi juak eh! Oooppss!! No cursing, sorry guys. Takut juak aku tapi aku rasa aku tok kenak selsema biasa jak.

Sedeh juak rasa hati aku meninggalkan Sibu, because I still feels attached to that place and no matter where I go, it's still my home. Lom sempat nak mengucapkan "Selamat Tinggal' lalu terpaksa pergi pia jak. Ceh! Sentimental alu jak rasa. Tapi yalah tek, aku tok sik tauk bila nak balit agik. Raya pun kali raya sitok jak. Sedehnya!!!! Waaaa!!!! Sapa mok sponsor tiket k ku balit raya lak? Dan tentang masuk U, aku pun nervous juak. Baruk first time bah. Sian ngan aku, dah tua bok ncerik rasa masuk U. Sedeh kan? Harap-harap, all is well.

Last time I was home, My kitten is getting weaker and weaker each day. I'm really worried about her, I don't know what's happening or what should I do. It's frustrating to see her mother doesn't seem to realize this. I tried to force her to give her milk to her sick daughter but she, as expected for animals to react, doesn't care.

On to some other lighter things, my mom and I went to Dalat this last Saturday (20/6/09). And let me tell you this, it's an awesome experience but nauseating at the same time. That's like the first or second time (I can't quite remember) travelling by speed boat. The seats were very uncomfortable and once the boat starts, it sounded like I'm at a warzone. The engine can make your ears bled that you wished you could switch off your hearing ability. But once you get the hang of it, it's actually nice because the view was tremendously breathtaking. It's not everyday that you can get to see something as wonderful as that. So I just try to sit back (though uncomfortably) and enjoy myself.

Onboard were some students who I think is visiting one of their friends home somewhere in Oya or Igan, I'm also not quite sure. Some of them were from malaya (a.k.a peninsular malaysia), and I might have a crush on one of them. Hehe! Silly I know but the guy was such a gentlemen that he gave up his seat so that an older woman whom the boat driver picked up somewhere during our journey, can sit down. I'm instantly his biggest fan ever! And he's not bad looking either. If only we could meet again someday. But who knows right? Jodoh itu di tangan Allah.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dreams hold no promises

Currently...: I'm sleepy, slightly bored and severely confused
Current Music: "Sometimes when I'm driving in my car, I wish that you would take the wheel but you're not there, its so unfair"
Current Location: Home sweet home

Aku amat heran sekali. Kenak idea menulis aku selalu datang waktu aku sik nak menulis. Bila aku dalam keadaan yang menyuruh aku perlu menulis sesuatu, aku akan tercengang dan sik tauk mok buat apa. Selalu gilak benda tok jadi. Selalunya aku akan jadi terer dengan idea yang macam2 bila aku senang hati, ngelayo entah kat sine atau bila aku nak tido. Kenak owh? Aku pun heran. Tapi keesokan harinya bila aku nak nulis, mesti idea yang aku oleh hari atau malam sebelumnya ilang camya jak. Kebanyakannya idea yang aku pikir adalah idea yang best2. Yang aku jarang nak pikir waktu aku segar bugar. Parah juak kadang2 terutama sekali waktu exam. Selalunya malam sebelum exam aku dapat menjawab secara mental dengan terer lu jak. Dah duduk exam lak, hampeh sama sekali. Menciii.

Aku suka menulis. Dari kecik aku selalu jak tulis macam2. Stat dari aku nyonteng (tapi aku sik pernah nulis kat dinding sebab aku budak bait, atau sebenarnya mak aku akan kungfu mun kmk orang conteng jadi nya nyuruh tulis kat kertas @ papan itam) buku resepi mak aku, dak magazine2 mak aku, dan buku2 sekolah yang sik diguna lagik sampelah aku nulis untuk majalah sekolah.

For as long as I remember, all my life, I've been very passionate about writing. I love to write, about stuff. I can still remember when I was little I used to keep a diary or as I'd like to call it, a Journal, to write about mundane boring things that most of them were about my life, about my days in school, about a boy that I liked and about a lot of things. I love it! And I love to read them again and again from time to time. I can't say that I'm really good at it though since I can't really show my diaries to peoples (are you nuts!?) and ask them what they think about my style of writing. But I'm learning everyday, perfecting and honing my skills so that I can be very good. Someday, you might even see my name on a cover of a book at your local bookstores! Owh I wish that day would come.

If you have lots of money, what would you buy? Shoes? Lots of jewellery? Cars? An Island? Me? I love books, So the first thing that I would buy with my money was probably books. I enjoy them very much. My favorite author at the moment? Every writer or in my case, aspiring writer have their own hero, someone who influenced their writings greatly. Mine is Neil Gaiman, and some other author that just too many to mention (including Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Dan Brown, etc) But mostly I adore Gaiman's books as they're different. He's one of the most talented AND most importantly have some swagger for an author that I know. His writings were unconventional, humorous, daring, and I don't know if it's the right word but, it's somewhat honest. I've seen his movies and read some of his books and I was captivated each and every single time. You've never heard of him before? What??!! For real? Well, have you ever seen STARDUST? BEOWULF? MIRRORMASK? CORALINE? And that very famous graphic novel from DC Comics Vertigo, THE SANDMAN? If you have then there you go! If you still don't have a clue, then what are you waiting for?? Start googling him up!
Antara filem yang paling aku mok jadi nyata ialah Sandman & Good Omen. Aku tauk kebarangkalian untuk duak cerita ya jadi kenyataan adalah amat slim sekali. Tapi ne lah tauk tek nak? Kira suatu hari kelak tetiba jak mena-mena jadi, aku mungkin antara yang paling gembira lam dunia, sama-sama ngan berjuta gik peminat Mr. Gaiman. Aku paling excited mok tauk sapa yang daknya ambik jadi pelakon bagi watak Morpheus a.k.a Dream a.ka Sandman, dan sapa yang akan jadi kakak kepada Dream, yang ala-ala goth ya, Death. Tolonglah jangan bagik aku membebel pasal Sandman sebab aku boleh membebel sampei sik tauk la bila nak abis. Apa yang aku mok share adalah sidak adik beradik Dream tok semua start with the letter D, Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair dan yang paling bongsu, Delirium. Watak Delirium adalah watak yang paling aku suka selain daripada Dream & Death. Sebab aku anak bongsu dan aku tok jenis manusia yang ada bingung2 & sikit. Aku sekpat nak bayangkan camne mok jadi mental setiap masa kedak Delirium. Mesti seksa rasa. Sian nya...

Word of the day: Let you go
I want to get off the phone now because I hate talking to you, but I'll pretend that I'm being polite by letting you go back to whatever boring crap you would be doing if you weren't talking to me.

Them: So then he said it was benign but I should probably get it removed. And I said-
You: Wow! That's nuts! Hey look, I'm sure you've got a lot of stuff to take care of. I'm gonna let you go. Bye.
Them: Oh, uh, yeah. Bye.