Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yesterday's Feelings

Currently I'm... : ...hungreh...
Current location : my dorm room
Current music : all those feelings, those yesterday's feelings, will all be lost in time...

Waaaaa!!! I lost my favorite and the only umbrella ella ella that I have the other day, and now it looks like the day is always so cloudy, ready for rainfalls...uuuuu... and then I lost my precious pencil-box with my favorite pen inside. How in heaven should I be able to sit for my finals now??? Feels like I wanna shout, "alright already! I've had it!", giving up, and just quit and settle down back to Sibu and get married, or start a group or something. BUT! After listening to Dewa - Hadapi dengan senyuman, I quickly regain my posture, got up from my knees, and ready to kick some ass again. It's a tough life but loosing an umbrella and a pencil-box [ with my fave pen in it! :( ] is nothing compared to what those who live in countries such as Africa or in Latin America where food is scarce and poverty is unavoidable. I should be thankful to have been given opportunities to study and to eat whatever I want. Ok, I see that I've strayed a little from what I wanted to say. hehehe... merepak gik aku.

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