Sunday, October 25, 2009

help! i'm addicted

currently... : I can't sleep!
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kau pergi...pergi...
current mood: hampeh da jak

Let me tell you guys about some of the things that I'm addicted to right now. Since I can't sleep and I needed to do something so boring so that I too can be sleepy, instead of u guys, and then I can finally have my beauty sleep. Among them are:

1. Paramore's new album Brand New Eyes

What can I say? hmmm....these guys and girl is totally brilliant. Words can't explain how great they are! The fact that I can't describe their awesomeness is the proof of how awesome they are. I listened to their songs over and over again and can't get enough of it. My favorite song? Since the album itself is my favorite, so I can't choose. But if I had to pick, then I have to say Brick by BoringBrick, The only exception and Careful. Oh and don't forget Ignorance (the acoustic version). But don't take my word for it, you just have to listen it for yourself. Hayley Williams is by far, my favorite female vocal to date. She's probably the very essence of awesome. d(^_^)b


OMG! This manga's been around for almost a decade but I only read it recently. What's wrong with me people??? If a friend doesn't recommended me to read it, then I most probably wouldn't even know it existed! What a shame it would be then, wouldn't it?? What I love most about claymore is that the drawings were pretty smooth and pwetty, plus the main characters were women, and all were beautiful and skillfully drawn, makes me want to read more and more. Currently, I'm still reading up to volume 14. There's still few volumes to go. Can't wait to finish 'em up. The storyline, was also very good. Overall, I think, that, I like this manga more than naruto and bleach...hehe!

3. Social Demography
I took this subject this semester, and I fell in love with demography study. I think I might, or highly likely to take up a field in demography. It's an interesting subject which focuses on the people, of ones nation and country. Quite boring actually if you attend the lectures, but I don't know why I'm attracted to it....hmmm...maybe I'm just weird.

I think I'm getting sleepy now, so I guess I succeeded in making myself sleepy... I'm going to continue this on my next next next post, hopefully, but don't count on it too much. Sooo.... Daa everyone!!!


tynee said...

paramore ada album baru?
wah! kmk mmg totally out-dated lah sik tauk tok. haruslah kita mendonlod secara haram.

ellienized said...

sela sela...boh supan2 nak donlod. saya hampir semua lagu dah didonlod. apa nak jadi dgn generasi kinek tok...yerr