Monday, July 26, 2010

Hate hate hate

Currently... : Lepaking
Current location: somewhere in the middle of upm, i can't pinpoint exactly you see...
Current music:  Some boys try and some boys lie but, I don't let them play, Only boys who save their pennies, Make my rainy day!

There are few things that I hate about myself. Like

a. I hate Mondays, but I can wake up very early just fine every frickin' Monday. I just hate that.

b. I hate that I can't seem to be able to receive critics very well. Be it the positive or negative kind.

c. Good intentions? What good intentions?

d. I have commitment issues. What can I say, I have short term memory lost syndrome.

e. I hate that I keep on procrastinating when I know perfectly well that it's really bad for my health and reputation.

f. I have a really hard time to adapt to new situations or new places.

g. I hate that I can't ride a bike (not bicycle but motorcycle).

h. I'm mostly are sweet in nature but at times I can be very evil that you might prolly mistaken me for Vader's apprentice.

i. I like myself. Ok scratch that. I hate that I love my ego so much. 

j. I think I'm weird.

k. I hate that I cannot hate you! waaaaa!!!!!

OK! Enough with these list already. I think this actually works! I feel like a huge burden is finally lifted from my chest. 

Now I can study peacefully!

OK! Time to get back to work and kick some ass! Ho yeah!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dream a little dream of me

Current music:

On a night when bad dreams
Become a screamer
When they're messin' with the dreamer
I can laugh it in the face

"Dream on, dream on, dream on
Dream yourself a dream come true"

So, last night (22/7) we went to watch this movie (inception) and I really dig it that I'm giving it a 4.5 out of 5. I would definitely watch it again just so that I could really grasp on the storyline. I think Christopher Nolan is a very talented writer and director indeed. He actually waited about 10 years or so to actually make this movie and I think it's worth it. 

I don't know about you but Inception is one of those movies that I have a really hard time to predict. I usually know how it would turn up in the end but this time, I don't expect it to be like that. I don't wanna talk too much on the ending because it would just spoil the fun, but people are actually debating on it on the internet. Well, I think the director really just wants us to think on the ending and perceive it as how we see fit. Is it a dream or reality... at this point, who knows? Heck, we all could still be dreaming at this very moment. The complexity of the movie was well, complex, and it's been a long time since I watched a movie that could really makes me think. And I was also very excited to see Ellen Page again! (I love that girl, seriously). She is playing as an 'architect' named Ariadne, and of course her character is one of my favorite!

A lot of people said that it's quite similar with the Matrix but for me it's not the same at all and the similarities are there maybe because he's (Nolan) influenced by matrix. But enough said, I really hope you guys would just go and watch this because it's definitely a worth your RM9 :D

Friday, July 16, 2010

Am I mad?

I told you that I like you
You acted like nothing happen...
So I guess, we're off to our own separate way then
I don't want to cry 
But I feel like crying
This suck
But I still like you
Am I mad?
I think so!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Think...

Currently... : I'm feeling quite down
Current Location: a place where dread and sadness mingle and becomes best friends
Current music:  I'll sit on the front porch all night, Waist deep in thought because when, I think of you I don't feel so alone

Hey you! Read This

I think I like you, but I don't know;
I think I like you, but I'm not sure;
I think I like you... no the word is adore;
Maybe you're not tall, dark and handsome;
But you're smart, good and funny;
You're kind of a goofy, and childish and mean, 
which really puts my patience to test, 
But that's because you're just being you,
No metaphor needed to explain that

Hey you!
You might not be Mr. Perfect,
But you can be Mr. Just Perfect Enough For Me


I like you! But I don't think you'd want to be with me though... :)
Never mind, it's just too good to be true anyway.
I've always been alone, why should it change now?
I am alone and that's alright.
But still, I wish it was true, about me and you.
because I like you
which now, I'm very pretty sure!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It tastes like orange

Currently... : silently cheering after watching Paul the octopus chooses Spain over the Dutch.
Current location: Youtube, the best place in the world.
Current music: can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now...

Normally I would never believe in predictions or psychic phenomena, but I have to agree with Paul this time. Spain deserves to win the 2010 World Cup. I really dislike the oranje team after they beat Brazil on that fateful day. The oranje played well, I don't deny that but I've never seen Brazil so broken up and devastated, it just broke my heart. But that was all history and I don't wanna think too much about it. I just hope Spain would win the cup. But even though Paul chooses Spain to be the winner, I'd still say you shouldn't take him seriously. He's just an...octopus. He doesn't even know what football is. And football is about hard work, team spirit, acknowledging each others strength and also respect. 

I've been in Cheras for almost 5 days now, and I'll have to go back to UPM this Sunday. My time online would be limited also so I don't think I can update on a regular basis, but I'll try to update if something awesome comes up.

I missed home already... >.<

Watch this!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Last Day

Currently... : I'm feeling good
Current location: my world
Current music: well, her free fall came a little out of the blue, What happened to the days of doing what we wanted to do?

Today will be my last day here. I'm a little sad. But I think I really enjoyed my holiday during my last 2 month spent in Sibu. But I accomplished something yesterday it's like too good to be true. I made a peach cobbler and I think it turned out to be great. Look at the picture!

I served it to the family and they liked it! Kimochi! :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Top 5 in June

Currently... : searching for the meaning of life
Current location: still here on earth, thank goodness!
Current music: I don't know where I am, I don't know where I've been, But I know where I want to go

It's July already? Time goes by so fast I don't even get to blink my eyes, darn it! July will mark my second year as a university student and I really, really hope that I can make it through this year with ease. Though I doubt it, but you can't blame me for hoping. Give this girl a break!

Anyway, there were 5 things that I wanted to share with you guys which successfully landed a place in my Top 5 things that I love in June. And they were:-

1.    My new handbags. Note the plural form

2.       A book that I bought in Kuching, Firethorn. I finished it in like 3 days, shows just how interesting this book is to me. I hope I'd be able to get the sequel, Wildfire sometime soon in the future.

3.       The new Say Anything song, Do Better.

4.       This Youtube video. I've never gotten rickroll'd before but I wouldn't mind if it's to this video. I think this is very hilarious. LOL (no pun intended). And also check out this video, also from Youtube. Again, LOL! There were like hundreds of different versions made and they're all quite funny.

5.       My Uke! I think I shall give it a name. What do you guys think?

    Thursday, July 1, 2010

    a little mud, no, it wouldn't hurt

    Here's a song that I sang with my ukulele, a cover of Zee Avi's Just You and Me. It's a very fun song to sing plus the melody is catchy and simple, so I don't have too much trouble to sing and play at the same time.

    My uke! Love it!

    Enjoy! Once again I don't mind it at all if you were to laugh when you hear me singing... it's just for fun anyway! :D

    And, one more thing... I finally did it! I cut my hair yesterday and I think I like how it turns out.