Monday, July 26, 2010

Hate hate hate

Currently... : Lepaking
Current location: somewhere in the middle of upm, i can't pinpoint exactly you see...
Current music:  Some boys try and some boys lie but, I don't let them play, Only boys who save their pennies, Make my rainy day!

There are few things that I hate about myself. Like

a. I hate Mondays, but I can wake up very early just fine every frickin' Monday. I just hate that.

b. I hate that I can't seem to be able to receive critics very well. Be it the positive or negative kind.

c. Good intentions? What good intentions?

d. I have commitment issues. What can I say, I have short term memory lost syndrome.

e. I hate that I keep on procrastinating when I know perfectly well that it's really bad for my health and reputation.

f. I have a really hard time to adapt to new situations or new places.

g. I hate that I can't ride a bike (not bicycle but motorcycle).

h. I'm mostly are sweet in nature but at times I can be very evil that you might prolly mistaken me for Vader's apprentice.

i. I like myself. Ok scratch that. I hate that I love my ego so much. 

j. I think I'm weird.

k. I hate that I cannot hate you! waaaaa!!!!!

OK! Enough with these list already. I think this actually works! I feel like a huge burden is finally lifted from my chest. 

Now I can study peacefully!

OK! Time to get back to work and kick some ass! Ho yeah!

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