Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Last Day

Currently... : I'm feeling good
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Current music: well, her free fall came a little out of the blue, What happened to the days of doing what we wanted to do?

Today will be my last day here. I'm a little sad. But I think I really enjoyed my holiday during my last 2 month spent in Sibu. But I accomplished something yesterday it's like too good to be true. I made a peach cobbler and I think it turned out to be great. Look at the picture!

I served it to the family and they liked it! Kimochi! :D


hazz said...

so u r going back tomorrow huh..why is that early?ngee

Analog Girl said...

no tix, that's why! too late then I might not be able to go back to kl. besides these tix are way too expensive so we had to take the one's that's being offered. darn...