Wednesday, November 25, 2009

nakama will always be nakama... :)

tommykupo: sup'
eLLien: hey tom
tommykupo: sorry can't move on with the so called interview, many tasks at hand right now
eLLien: owh. that's alright
tommykupo: been figuring stuffs involving internets
eLLien: like?
tommykupo: xml, widgets, hacks, css, traffic rank, alexa, webmaster tools, feedburner, technorati, nuffnang..etc
eLLien: where'd u learn all that?
eLLien: learn it urself?
tommykupo: yes..been into Gaia Memory just to find lots of them, hard to filter it out
eLLien: gaia memory?
eLLien: in english please! :D
tommykupo: Gaia Memory = Google, I took that term from Kamen Rider Double, phillip always finds stuffs and info from Gaia Memory
eLLien: hehe tom what's with u and kamen rider?
eLLien: u always mention mr kamen rider kun
tommykupo: I like them a lot..
eLLien: yeah i can see that
eLLien: hey i recommended the kimi ni todoke the other day
eLLien: did u read that on my blog
tommykupo: just posted?
eLLien: nope
eLLien: last week
eLLien: i'm so lazy i haven't updated regularly
eLLien: huhuhu
tommykupo: I see..check it up soon
eLLien: its a great read
eLLien: kimi ni todoke
eLLien: but it's a shojo manga
eLLien: haha
tommykupo: hehe shoujo? hmm..I recommend you to read Franken Fran, just like Black Jack, but with much disturbing scenes
eLLien: hmmm...i'll check em out later
tommykupo: hehe ok
tommykupo: whats you been doing lately?
eLLien: not much
eLLien: just sitting around...eating
eLLien: kumpul lemak
eLLien: haha
tommykupo: haha, you wanna be bigger
eLLien: not rly
eLLien: huhuhu
eLLien: just there's not much to do u know
eLLien: i don't have friends here
tommykupo: I cant control myself doing these searches, I need the net at home
eLLien: well why don't you install it?
tommykupo: money~
eLLien: owh...i c
eLLien: i know how that feels
tommykupo: I spend too much on family funds this month..haha
eLLien: don't have internet also back in sibu
eLLien: ehh that's not a bad thing
eLLien: u helped ur family
eLLien: that's very great of u
tommykupo: hehe thx.. I think I'm gonna blog seriously, also learning PHP & MySQL
eLLien: owh man. i wanna learn too
eLLien: just don't know where to start
tommykupo: self learning..all the way
eLLien: huhu pretty boring learning all by urself
tommykupo: not really..
eLLien: what website do u recommend?
tommykupo: experimenting and customizing.. is pretty addictive. Website? dunno, I will download the Dummies e-book first :))
eLLien: so u download everything?
eLLien: there's no specific website or anything?
tommykupo: most likely
tommykupo: no specific
tommykupo: Gaia Memory is too big
eLLien: hahaha
eLLien: that's right
eLLien: u still remember what sir zakri taught?
eLLien: i don't know where i put em
eLLien: haha lost already
tommykupo: Me too...think I lend the book to someone else
eLLien: i have the book it's just that i can't seem to recall what i learnt
tommykupo: re-learn is the only thing
eLLien: lembap! ngaaa!!! :-B
tommykupo: we could change from Geek to Mastermind you know
tommykupo: >:)
eLLien: i may not look like it but i'm a geek at heart
eLLien: hehe
eLLien: i think all of us in that class are
eLLien: i missed those times
eLLien: uuuuuuu
tommykupo: me too..but time will always goes by
tommykupo: I do not have The Sands of Time
eLLien: heheehhe
tommykupo: If I do have the Dahaka would surely wanna kill me off
eLLien: but really that's one of the most memories that i'll treasure
eLLien: i think that college life is much more fun than u life
tommykupo: you think?
eLLien: yep
tommykupo: why so?
eLLien: because back then all of us were still in this 'in between' phase
eLLien: between adolescence to adulthood
eLLien: it's like evertything is a new thing everyday
eLLien: but now...
tommykupo: we cannot stay that way forever
eLLien: i know...
eLLien: it's hard to let go sometimes
eLLien: although i was pretty sick back then
tommykupo: live life to the fullest, in that way we will not be missing so much of the past, rather appreciate it..ah the sickness you had before, how are you now?
eLLien: still got em here and there u know, but not as bad as before
eLLien: thank God i made through it
eLLien: almost didn't...
tommykupo: yeah..thank God, your own strength and friend and family support made you through
eLLien: yeah
eLLien: although i was sick, i really appreciate it that u guys didn't treat me differently
tommykupo: I didn't mind about your sickness actually
tommykupo: I like for who you are, not how you look
eLLien: geee thanks a lot tom!
eLLien: that really made my day! heeee
eLLien: :-p
tommykupo: remember, nakama will always be nakama to me
eLLien: hehehe okeh! nakama it is then
eLLien: hey tom, do u mind if i post this conversation on my blog?
tommykupo: hehe cool, lets go with the U Comment, I Follow movement~
eLLien: hahaha


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