Monday, November 23, 2009

He doesn't suck y'all!

currently... : Imma youtubing again
current location: peninsular malaysia, wishing everyday that she was back to borneo
current music: when you wish you were someone else and you wanna go out and kill yourself, you’re overreacting

I just discover this one man band with no fans today, which I stumble upon accidentally. I was watching some youtube video, (I was searching about Cyril errr don't ask!) (x_x) and the background song's just captured my heart... I instantly and frantically searching for the name of the song and who sings it. After searching for approximately 5 minute, I finally found it (by typing the whole word and all). It's Overreacting (the Deep Immunosupression Mix by Dr. Gore) by Brad Sucks. I definitely am his fan from now on! hehe... Oooh and he doesn't suck!

- This is the guy that I was talking about, Mr. Brad Turcotte, and he's great! -

I Dont Know What Im Doing by Brad Sucks

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