Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kampua oo kampua...

Currently... : I'm watching true blood... can't decide who I like more, bill or henry (blood ties)
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"don't stand there and be judgmental about her, when you're no different..." - Dr Kelso
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so let this be my last salutation and let this be my first vindication if I believe it then I can leave it and I will leave it.

As you are aware, I'm watching true blood now. So you guys were wondering... 'hmm, that's strange. How can she watch true blood while typing her blog?'... Actually, I'm streaming it online, so I have to wait for it to be fully downloaded, so that I won't have to stop watching every 5 frickin seconds. I'm still a noob though as I only watch the first episode of the first season last Sunday. I LOVE vampire stories. I've seen and read like dozens of vampire related movies and books. Blade, Underworld, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Van Helsing, Buffy, Blood Ties, Blood: the last vampire...surprising though, I haven't read or watch any of the twilight saga. hehehe...

And I don't know for how long has it been since I last watch the TV. I used to love my quality time just watching tv and be a couch potato. But now, I rarely do so anymore, right ever since I started my University life. I kinda missed it. So this afternoon, I turned on the tv, and guess what's on?? Only my favorite doctor tv series of course! [Scrubs]! I love Scrubs very much thank you! I follow the series since like I was in form 4 or 5, and whenever I watched it, I would be laughing like a hyena. It's a fun show, and very funny. God, I was so happy when I heard the news that the show will continue for another season. Currently, the 9th season will premiere this December (US, don't know when it'll premiere here in Asia :( )


Dan satu gik perkara yang aku mok padah ialah.....

Aku makan kampua aria! yay! Nyaman aih! Bapak aku buat. Boh jeles! hehehe!



Rungitom said...

I like scrubs, "Everybody say aaa~ ooo~". You missed Castlevania though, even if its not a movie or something but it's still have king of vampires, Dracula @ Vlad III the Impaler

Analog Girl said...

yeah! scrubs rule! my fav character is JD of course! but I can't decide which one of em is the funniest!

Castlevania...hmmm...sorry! It's just too many of em I left it out.