Wednesday, November 4, 2009

capo is what i'm looking for

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butter on a summer day when i hear that name, a dream that never came true"

I was obsessed with death cab for cutie's I will follow you into the dark song from their 2005 Plans album. And so I decided to try and learn how to play it with my (i wish it was mine but... no, it's my brother's) trusty guitar. The result was not very satisfying because I don't have a capo! damn! But I manage to, thankfully, learn to play the whole song, though I'm no expert guitarist. But I'm learning everyday. Finger picking was not my forte I must say...heee... so I just settled with strumming them, thus destroying the song completely, I'm sorry dcfc! I didn't mean to! if only I could finger picking a guitar.

As you all can see, I desperately need a capo (and a teacher to teach me how to finger picking). At this very moment, my capo is a pencil and few rubber bands (these darn things always breaks, driving me insane!) and voila! a poor-man's capo! (T_T)

my poor poor-man's capo

ok, well y'all laugh out loud at my capo now. But I tell you what, I learned how to play the paramore's version of use somebody with this very unattractive thing! Now if only I could get my hands on a real one... Perhaps you could say it's my biggest (belated) birthday wish? hmmm... well actually, not really! hehe

But one thing for sure is that I want to learn how to play the guitar properly, and practice till my fingers bleed or something.


no lah! XD

- wish me luck! -
and wish on that capo too!


Rungitom said...

I'm sure your fingers will toughen up in time, don't worry. No gain comes from no practice

Analog Girl said...

haha! it's already tough la tom! i have fingers as rough as a sailor! ngeee

Rungitom said...

that can be fixed with some skin care lotion