Thursday, June 25, 2009

Arrived, finally!

Currently...: I'm still wondering whether its going to be a good day or not today???
Current Location: Cheras
Current Music: "And I found that round here, In this city, That I won’t disappear, In this city, I got nothing to fear, In this city, In this city"

Cam sik cayak jak dah sampe sitok. Aku sampe ke KL dalam pukul 2.30 ptg pia dan sepanjang perjalanan rasa bumpy sekali. Some turbulence occured tapi sik teruk gilak sampe aku genggam handrest sampe jari-jari aku putih. It was ok. My brother picked us up and we'll be staying at his place for some time. Tapi aku kali lepas register trus masuk hostel la. more freedom for me it seems! But sekpalah. Asal aku bleh berjaya, I'd do anything.

Sampe jak kat KL tok petang marek alu hujan. Macam ada petanda tapi aku anggap petanda yang bait la, insyaAllah. Sebab kata kakak ipar aku dah berapa lamak KL sik hujan. Kira hujan rahmat la ya. Tapi malam tek aku kenak flu sebab terlalu sejuk sampe aik pun rasa sejuk kedak mandik aik ais. Lalu la berkasik-kasik aku. Ajab sa nyawa eh! Nek tok dah kuar ingus, sesuai la untuk aku yang masih dianggap budak hingusan. Adeh. Dahla org gago ngan virus H1N1 atau selsema babi ya, nang babi juak eh! Oooppss!! No cursing, sorry guys. Takut juak aku tapi aku rasa aku tok kenak selsema biasa jak.

Sedeh juak rasa hati aku meninggalkan Sibu, because I still feels attached to that place and no matter where I go, it's still my home. Lom sempat nak mengucapkan "Selamat Tinggal' lalu terpaksa pergi pia jak. Ceh! Sentimental alu jak rasa. Tapi yalah tek, aku tok sik tauk bila nak balit agik. Raya pun kali raya sitok jak. Sedehnya!!!! Waaaa!!!! Sapa mok sponsor tiket k ku balit raya lak? Dan tentang masuk U, aku pun nervous juak. Baruk first time bah. Sian ngan aku, dah tua bok ncerik rasa masuk U. Sedeh kan? Harap-harap, all is well.

Last time I was home, My kitten is getting weaker and weaker each day. I'm really worried about her, I don't know what's happening or what should I do. It's frustrating to see her mother doesn't seem to realize this. I tried to force her to give her milk to her sick daughter but she, as expected for animals to react, doesn't care.

On to some other lighter things, my mom and I went to Dalat this last Saturday (20/6/09). And let me tell you this, it's an awesome experience but nauseating at the same time. That's like the first or second time (I can't quite remember) travelling by speed boat. The seats were very uncomfortable and once the boat starts, it sounded like I'm at a warzone. The engine can make your ears bled that you wished you could switch off your hearing ability. But once you get the hang of it, it's actually nice because the view was tremendously breathtaking. It's not everyday that you can get to see something as wonderful as that. So I just try to sit back (though uncomfortably) and enjoy myself.

Onboard were some students who I think is visiting one of their friends home somewhere in Oya or Igan, I'm also not quite sure. Some of them were from malaya (a.k.a peninsular malaysia), and I might have a crush on one of them. Hehe! Silly I know but the guy was such a gentlemen that he gave up his seat so that an older woman whom the boat driver picked up somewhere during our journey, can sit down. I'm instantly his biggest fan ever! And he's not bad looking either. If only we could meet again someday. But who knows right? Jodoh itu di tangan Allah.

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