Friday, August 6, 2010

Hellish week

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It's Friday! And I love Friday due to many reasons but mainly because of these:

  • I ain't got no class today :)
  • It's the holiest day of the week.
  • I can rest without worrying about waking up extra late.
  • It marks the end of a hellish week (before the start of another hellish week?)

So this week was hell for me as I have multiple assignments to finish, and I'm quite sure that next week is going to be exactly the same, except that not only I have to finish my works, we have exams too. Huhu... I don't know if I can survive or not. Hope I'll make it thru' next week in one piece ya!

A couple of unforgettable thing happened early this week. One involved me and this very handsome abang at my cafe and the other involved 3 handsome foreigner students. 

So I was at the cafe to order drinks, and I ordered 'Kopi ais, tapau satu' (one iced coffee, takeaway) to the abang (guy) that's behind the counter. But the abang misheard me and asked me with shocked eyes, "Did you just said 'kopi ais limau??". And I just wanted to laugh out loud by that. But that abang is handsome, so I just smiled and said "kopi ais, bungkus la bang!". Imagine what a certain kopi ais limau (iced lemon coffee) would taste like... I can't.

And yesterday, me and 2 of my friends were at the library, just doing our work  when suddenly, this horrifying effing sound just echoes throughout the whole corner of the library. I think time stopped right at that moment and I looked at my friends to contemplate on what just happened. I didn't dare to turn around (as my back was facing them) to see who dare to fart (very loudly mind you!) in the frickin' library. But I couldn't hold my curiosity and I saw that they were actually 3 foreigner and one of them was responsible for it. They were laughing to each other and quite loud. Luckily everyone (at least I think that it's everyone) pretended like nothing happens and just move on with their life. That was one of the funniest moment in my life!


Sarey said...

hahaha. entri yg sgt menghiburkan :DD

situasi pertama : mmg nk ketawa bsr.

situasi kedua : HAHAHA. yep yg rambut spiky2 tu mmg hensem :DD

Analog Girl said...

sarey: harap2 abg tu ade lagi kat kedai tu. hehe ^^

agak2 foreigner 3 org tu dr mane eh? mcm dorang x cakap english pun. muka x mcm iranian gak.

Rungitom said...

Hey, where did you read the latest Naruto chapters?

I like the iced lemon coffee and foreign fart combo hahaha~

Analog Girl said...

@Rungitom: You can't find it anywhere huh? guess that I'm much more cunning than you...hehehe...You can find it here on blogger. I'll give you the link later OR you can search for Naruto Spoilers. It's on blogger.

Thanks for liking dude! d(^^)