Monday, August 16, 2010

curiosity actually saved the cat!

Currently: wondering when I'm gonna open my book and cram.
Current location: in my dorm room.
Current Music: closer to the edge!

Finally! The internet is up and running like how it was suppose to be. I've been here for almost 2 months and I'm quite annoyed with the lack of internet all this while. It's especially hard for me to find information and... stuff when I most needed it. But, now I'm truly happy so thanks upm!

So for 2 days straight we've been having exam and I think I'm ready to explode! It's annoying when you have 2 papers on the same day, but complaining won't do any good so the best bet is to study. Yet I'm glad that I've completed 3 exam and only 2 more to come, although I think it's gonna be really hard for me as it's also the month of Ramadan. 

Speaking of Ramadan, it has been day 3 of fasting for Muslims and only 27 more to go until Syawal. I can't wait! Though I'm not going back to Sibu to celebrate Eid with friends and families, instead I will be here with my parents and my brother. It'll be my first time Raya-ing outside of Sarawak. Wonder how it will be...hmmm... I'll report back when that time comes.

Ramadan brings back so many things... memories of the past and also strange situations that sometimes just appeared out of nowhere. Like yesterday. I was going back to my room from the cafe when 3 cute cats greeted me playfully. So I was playing with them when suddenly, a voice from behind saying "Assalamualaikum"...

... Wanna know the rest? I'll update on my next blog post... he he he :D

Need to go to class, NOW! Until then, bye!


Rungitom said...

No Spoilers?

Analog Girl said...

no spoilers!
have to wait like evryone else :D

nursarah said...

i'll be waiting.. haha

Analog Girl said...

@nursarah: time kaceh... :)