Monday, August 9, 2010

He he he

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Remember the abang that I told you in previous post who works in the cafe where I live? Well, he's back! Last night, I was ordering drinks, again at the same place and wondering just where that abang was. At first I didn't see him , so I was just minding my business and waiting for my drinks. But when it's time to take my receipt, guess who were responsible to hand it to me? Yes, it's that same abang! I kept on waiting for him to give the receipt but he didn't look like he's going to anytime soon. But after a few moments of staring (mostly him staring), he gave it to me.

A friend of mine were also buying drinks form the same stall and after we left, she said to me that the abang asked her about me. He asked where I'm from and whether I'm a chinese or malay. Phew! That was totally unexpected. But the staring part was quite creepy. He just looked at me and holding on to my receipt refusing to give it to me even when I asked about it, until his co-worker finally told him to. But he's cute though! I really don't mind it! he he he!


Rungitom said...

Ah... so the story develop nicely.

Analog Girl said...

no lah tom! It's nothing actually. He was just wondering, am I Chinese or Malay. Because I looked like a Chinese but talks Malays with my friend. That was funny!

Sarey said...

hahahaha. awwwwwww~ comel nye. hik hik hik :D