Sunday, August 22, 2010


Currently... : can't quit smiling for some unknown reason... maybe because I don't have any more test coming up! yippie!
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Current music: "Ku yakini, nikmat yang kau beri, Segalanya padamu kan kembali..."

Do you believe in fairy tales? I don't. Well I did but that was a very loooonggg time ago. Maybe because I've outgrown believing anything that's not real. But I do read stories when I was a kid. My father likes to buy story books and I love to read them back then. Most of the story books were from classic children fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and many many more. But one thing that I can't seem to understand is that all of the characters are white! There's not much difference among each fairy tales. All of them are white or Caucasian! I'm not trying to sound racist here but I think there's something wrong with that. 

And here is where I want to pick up where I left off. For the past week, I've been watching this documentary on youtube about the arrival of Dajjal or anti-christ, called The Arrivals. And I wanted to share the message that the maker of this documentary trying to relay to its viewers on episode 40. You should watch it yourself as it's too long for me to explain everything. Mainly because I'm lazy, and all of you already knew that...pffftt...Well, watch it! It's not necessary just for Muslims only, but all human race can watch, no matter what religion. It's very informational and might just wake us up from this long dream that seems to never end.

The main message that they wanted to say is that we are made by the Creator in this world, into many people's and tribes so that we can learn about one another... So back to my previous story, I heard someone said


I was really taken aback by this sudden voice. The owner of the voice is an African man, who was walking behind me before the cats greeted me, and he was smiling when he watched me play with the cats. So he asked me,

"What do you call this (points at the cats) in your language?"

Now as you all might know by now, I'm a Sarawakian so, the first thing that came to my mind is the word 'pusak', meaning cat. But thankfully I didn't blabbed it out loud and immediately answered,

“It’s kucing!” and I smiled back at him albeit warily.

And then he said, “We called it _______ (sorry! For the life of me, I can’t remember what he said!) in my language,” before he left. 

It sounded a bit like ‘tupeika’ or something like that, I honestly don’t know. But that was one of the most random, most unexpected situation that has ever occurred in my life, here in upm. And somehow it made me happy to communicate with a race other than my own. I wish I could interact more with foreigners and learn more about their culture. The only problem though is that I’m very timid and wouldn't even speak to my own friends unless they speak to me first! Aiyo!! 

O by the way, my cat, Puteh is still missing! :(

Another shot of my cat... I really missed her so much! T.T

Puteh, during her rebellious, 'childhood' years... or months 



Sarey said...

"Puteh, during her rebellious, 'childhood' years... or months"

HAHAHAHA. ayt di ats sgt kelaka :DD

Analog Girl said...

hehe...kucing ni memang sengal sikit sare time kecik. tapi sengal2 sayang jugak. sedeh la sampai skrang x balik2 g :(