Monday, November 22, 2010

Adiposity, begone!

Current location: on the floor
Current music: ...some people's destiny, passes by

I'm bummed because I did not (at least I think I didn't) do that well in my finals, as I hoped to. There's like so many killer paper on the same day that I don't know how to start and I just lost my focus... I'm very disappointed with myself. But nevermind that, all that matters to me now is that I survived! Wuhu! Patting myself on the back!

It's the end of the semester already... I'm slightly sad but for the most part, I'm just relieved. Finally, after 6 long months, I can go back home. I missed home so much! There's no way I won't enjoy being home. But my holiday would only last for a month only and that sucks. So, speaking of semester break, me and my (ex) roommate, Diana made a deal which is to lose all this excess adipose tissue as much as we can. My target is between 5 to 10 kg but I don't know about her because this is my idea and I'm not sure whether she's going to follow through with it. But we'll see next year when we meet again. Sadly, we're not going to be roommates anymore next semester as we're changing college again. Huuh... 

But I really hope I could shed some weight this coming month and pray for me guys! I'm gonna need it. >.<"


Rungitom said...

What is Adipose? *searched through Google*... oh shi-


Sare said...

hahaha. good luck nora! ;D