Saturday, June 23, 2012


Growing up, I watched a lot of violent movies. And I'm ashamed to admit that I love them. I remember a couple of movies that were my favorite, including The Crow. Oh man, I just love The Crow. It has a lot of quotes and the one that stood out the most in my head is when Eric said, "Victims, aren't we all?".

Epic movie!
If you're not a fan of violence and gore, this movie may not be your cup of tea. BUT, if you're like me then I strongly recommend you to put this gem in your must watch list if you haven't seen it yet. So far, there are 3 sequels made but all of them failed to rise up on-par with the original. So ignore them. 

Another movie that I love is Blade. It's a trilogy and I dig all three, which is rare. Please be warned! There are a lot of blood involved. 

What's your favorite (violent) movie?

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