Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introvert me

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I've always known that I'm an introvert. But I just never really haven't thought much of it before, until tonight. I have an assignment which will due weeks from now, and my group chose to do a topic on people with introvert and extrovert personality. So I did a little research and I found a set of test questions that will determine how introvert you are. And here are some of the question:

7. I tend to notice details many people don’t see.
10. I feel anxious if I have a deadline or pressure.
16. I don’t like overstimulating environments.
19. I feel drained after social situations, even when I enjoy myself.
21. I often feel uncomfortable in new surroundings.
23. I often dread returning phone calls.
25. I find my mind sometimes goes blank when I meet people or when I am asked to speak unexpectedly.
26. I talk slowly or have gaps in my words, especially if I’m tired or if I’m trying to think and speak at once.

I answered 'YES' for all of the questions above and there are 29 questions altogether. It is stated there that the more yes you answered, the more introverted personality traits you have. No wonder I always feel like an awkward person when I am in a crowd or even in a small groups of people. Conversation are always very hard to make especially to a person whom I don't know very well or with an acquaintance. I hope that with this new information, I'll be able to be a better person.

Anyway, I'm super sleepy right now so I think I'll be off now. Bye every1!

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