Thursday, May 6, 2010

Almost didn't make it home

Currently... : sitting at The Queen bar & cafe
Current location: Sibu! =)
Current music: ...and if dreams were wings, you know I would have flown to you, to be where you are...

Oh my I can't believe I'm finally back in Sibu after so very long. How I've missed this place since I left it in the middle of September. It's been almost 8 months! Not much has change... oh wait! There have been some slight changes like buildings and roads. But it's still my sibu. 

So, let me tell you what happened on the day that I was supposed to get on my flight back. It's such a tragic story but I made it back in one piece so no harm has been done.

My flight were at 6.55pm, and I was supposed to board at 6.15pm right? But I didn't arrived to LCCT until 6.35pm... and I can still remember the horrible feeling in my belly when I read the notice that the check-in counter to Sibu has closed and I was devastated beyond belief. Luckily my mom was with me and she said to me that there's still time and I still can make it. So I asked around and, did you know that there's a counter that's specially open for those who can't check-in. At first the guy didn't want to process my ticket and said that he'd only let me board if I didn't have any luggage. But after I pleaded (with my 10sen face) for about 5 minute , the man said that I need to go to another counter so that they can process my bag. After it all was done I was running for my life to the boarding gate without bersalam with my dad... =( When I boarded the plane someone else was sitting at my seat! I was supposed to seat by the window and quite pissed but after all is said and done, I just settled because all I can think about right at that moment is to go back home. We touch the ground at 8.55pm



Right at this moment I'm sitting and enjoying some live performance at The Queen where my brother is playing as the guitarist for the 3 piece band. My first time here and I quite like the ambiance and atmosphere.

The Queen

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