Friday, May 14, 2010

Do I have to update?

Currently... : typing without knowing anything to say
Current location: in front of the TV and the monitor.
Current music: The awesome - Judgement Day

When the time that I finally gathering up my energy to typed this down (which was about an hour ago or around 11.05pm), I just finished watching House. The episode right after Dr. Cameron  (apparently my favorite character in the series but they sent her away... why does she have to go... WHY? WHY???) left, where House and his team got to treat a patient whose got a brain that could match Einstein but decided to be stupid just so he could connect with his estranged wife. I think. For the first time I get to see how hard it is to be so brilliant and yet very lonely at the same time... I'm glad to be... just me! Which is Average by the way, not Too smart and not Too stupid.

This is a swan...the official mascot of Sibu, 
but I prefer to call it a bagong
(bukan bangang @ bengong ye)

Unless you're not living in Malaysia or not exposed to any media whatsoever, you should have known by now that Sibu is currently bursting with life due to the parliamentary by-election on May 16. Lots of the big guns from both sides of the party are coming to Sibu, fighting to win over voters hearts. Well, I just wish that the people of Sibu would vote and choose wisely. But in the meantime lets just sit back and enjoy the 15 minutes of fame? Yay to that!

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