Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lift Up Your Head

The other day, a friend of mine made this pretty picture as a tribute to me! It was awesome and I LOVE it! Although she's not really a representation of me (as the girl in the drawing have nothing in common with me) I do think that she looked really cool, don't you think so too?

And it's all thanks to this guy! He was my primary school classmates back in the days, and I remember he used to draw all the time. And I wish him all the best as I have faith that he will hit it big in the future. 

Nice eh?
Check out his blog to see more of his beautiful arts. 

And to repay back what he did I decided to make a cover of Matt Hires song, the one which I'm so addicted to listen to for some reason, O sunrise. The quality of the audio is not so great so I'm very sorry about that. I don't have a good mic so I have to make do with what I have. Thanks!

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Pakngahalipz said...

Wow..baruk perasan. :) Anyway,thank you.U have a very NICE voice.