Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Between wants and needs

Currently… : studying for finals... pfftt! yeah right!

Current quote : “They can go to college and someone may have a whacked-out $6,000 laptop, but the guy with the iPad will get all the attention.” – Steve Wozniak

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I got my body and my mind on the same page
And honey, now, happiness is all the rage
It's all the rage

You have no idea how many things that I crave in this world that if I were to list them all, I think I don't know where to stop. Yes, I'm a greedy person, but aren't we all? All of this wants actually changed from time to time. For example, now everyone is talking about the iPad hype and all, so of course iPad is currently on the top of the list. And I don't know for how long it will stay on top because who knows what the next cool thing is going to be in the future.

Some quick facts about the iPad:

  • there are currently 2 kinds of iPad, one with the Wi-Fi and the other with 3G
  • the only browser that works with iPad is Safari. Ouch!
  • videos that's made with the Adobe Flash software won't work on this sucker, so that means no youtubing! gasp!
  • only works with apps or contents provided by Apple and bought on iTunes. Yikes!
  • so basically, you can't run the iPad if the softwares are not approved by Apple. Crap
I haven't seen the iPad advert yet shown here in Malaysia so I'm pretty excited about that!

Steve Jobs with his precious iPad

So, wanting something is not necessarily bad, it gives you the motivation that you need to actually acquiring it. Sometimes, you have to really want something real bad so that you will make plans and work hard for it otherwise it's nothing more than just a silly imagination. Mat Jenin anyone?

Wants can also leads to needs. For example, since I finished my diploma studies, I want to work in big companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft or Apple... Not necessarily these particular corporations, just as long as it's big and multinational. It would be a dream come true for me. I don't care what positions that they're going to give, I would even succumb to just be the errand girl or even a cleaner just so that I could learn their ways and how to run things. Hmmm...what's this got to do with wants leading to needs? I don't know.

I was just browsing in the uni bookstore looking for something to read, when something caught my eyes... the Newsweek Asia April 12 cover.

I'm not a Newsweek person (I'm more like the Time magazine kind of people) and I've never purchased any Newsweek magazines in the past so I don't know what forced me to buy this issue. Now, for unemployed student like me, spending RM12.00 is a bit too expensive but I bought it anyway. Nothing is too expensive if you consider the knowledge that you can gain from reading it, right? Besides the cover with the iPad is very cool imho.

Quick facts about Newsweek:

  • Launched in 1933 by a group of U.S. stockholders
  • Own by the Washington Post Company since 1961
  • Newsweek is published in four English language editions and 12 global editions written in the language of the circulation region.
  • and the rest you could read up in wikipedia :)
Some other unrelated facts about circulation magazines - AARP The Magazine is the largest circulation magazines in the US, whilst Reader's Digest (my personal fave) and Time were at the 5th and 14th respectively.

Reading is the easiest way to gain knowledge!

My parents came from Sibu today, and I get to hug my mom! That hug gave me my much needed recharge. Oh how I missed her so! I Love my mom so very much!

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