Monday, April 12, 2010


Currently... : I still can't use my brain properly since I've fried it on the test this morning
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I know...

I said I'm not going to blog until I'm finish with my finals, but I can't help it! Blame my fingers for clicking the new post button and typing these words.

It's just that I played around with the google translator just now and It's sooo funny to read the translated version when I used it on my blog. OK, so first of all, to all people out there who are not familiar with Malaysia, we have all kinds of different dialects here. Literally, each states (13 states altogether, and I'm a Sarawakian, peace!) has different dialects or language albeit Malay or Bahasa Melayu (BM) is the official one. But it's uncommon for us to use Malay in our own community unless we're talking with a non-native (and by non-native I mean those who are from another state).

So, the language that I use in my blog is naturally, a Sarawak Malay language. There's a very BIG difference between our dialects and the official one.

For instance, in BM (Malay) when we want to ask someone... hmm... let's say,
'How to go there?' is 'Bagaimana untuk pergi ke sana?'.

But if I were to speak in Sarawak dialect, it'll become 'Camne (pronounced Cam-Nei) nak/mok pegi ke (sometimes we don't add 'ke') sia?'. And if it's a Sabah dialect, it'll be 'Gimana mo pigi sana?'... I guess?? Hehehe...I'm not sure since I got an F in Sabah language. Si Tom! Sila komen!

I can't believe I almost forgot!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER! Mr. Arnie schwarzenegger Hasri Ahmad... May Allah bless you and our family always! Love ya bro! Tapi sikit jak la, kecuali mun awak cia makan!


Rungitom said...

"Gimana" is a bit Indo-ish, XD

Shoud be "Macamana mau pigi sana?", simple haha.

umm, you should change your comment setting, set "Comment Form Placement" to "Full Page". Its easy for me and other users to comments and subscribe to the comments. Will be more interactive that way. In this way, every Analog Girl subscribed comments will not go unnoticed.


Analog Girl said...

Thanks for the advice! I did just that.

is it? a bit to indon?? should i know? i heard sab said it like that so i assume...oh well! that's exactly why i get an F

Rungitom said...

hehehe, nothing beats a real Sabahan slang, "Bulih ba kalau kau~" XD

Analog Girl said...

Ooo!! I love that one!! Bulih ba kalo ko! haha

Yuz said...

Blogging is addiction of self-expression ^____^

Analog Girl said...

@Yuz: agreed! ... (>_<) Especially when no one wants to listen to me expressing myself in real life...haha