Monday, April 5, 2010

Oil and Water just don't mix

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It's so hot. I swear my sweat could flood the whole of upm...heck the whole of KL prolly. I wonder what will happen in the near future. I can't take the heat, it's getting too extreme nowadays. The hot season is getting too much to bear especially in the afternoon. I know, I'm whining again, but hey! It's really really really hot!

So I fell asleep late yesterday afternoon, and can you guess what happened after I woke up ladies and gents?? If you guessed I won a million dollar then, you're wrong but I'd really love for that to actually happen... but back to reality, yes, no water...again...Ugghhh!!! I hate when we're short of water supply...apa upm x bayar bill ka or what? hmmm...Bengang aku bengang! Lucky the toilet on the other end have some water left so I quickly showered to get rid of all of my dried sweat and frustration. But what makes me even more furious is when I see that girls who knew how limited the water supply is, but they're acting like a spoiled princess instead and takes like what seems like a 5 hours worth of shower. Gee, why don't you bring your whole royal family too. What a spoiled princess wannabe! Why don't you just go back to your own castle wherever that is!


Rungitom said...

LOL, are the girls grooming while taking a bath? or just "This is my private time, don't disturb me!"

Analog Girl said...

what i meant to say is that i don't have a problem with how long or what they do during shower BUT i do have a problem with them taking a LONG shower when there's water shortage... i mean...hello...!! aren't we all SHARING the same toilet/bathroom? Care a little la...stop wasting water