Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm grateful to be ALIVE

Currently... : I just had the biggest bizarrest experience of my life
Current location: luckily, not six feet under...yet
Current music: HELP I'M ALIVE my heart keeps beating like a hammer (thank god for that! hehe)

Today is the last day for class for this semester... I can't believe that it's almost the end of my 1st year as a upm student. I had some good and some bad experience where I just keep the good memories and throw away most of those that were unpleasant. I hope, I could remember my first year for as long as I can. Like what I did yesterday where I had a class trip to Yakult factory in Seremban and it was a very good experience. I get to learn a lot of things too.

So what's with the biggest bizarrest life experience that I'm talking about? Well today we had a physiology class. And I was so excited about it because for the first time, I can go and see the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. It's true what most of them said... their faculty were very scenic and pretty. It's like we're at a different place altogether...Nice! There were lakes and everything and it's really quiet and peaceful... I would love to stay there...huhu. So after admiring the faculty and all, we were gathered to this one place near the anatomy room...and lo and behold! There were 2 F-ing cadavers in the F-ing room, when I saw through the window. It's like... a shock you know... I've seen a dead body before, but this is completely a different thing. I swear I never swore like how I did when I saw the bodies. Seriously... I was scared shit.

Not long after that the lab assistant instruct us to come in and gave a briefing about what we were about to witness. Many of us leave after she said that she doesn't force us to see the cadavers but I just stand there. Half of me wanted to go, but the other half wanted me to stay and make this as an experience just like what the lab assistant said. So they showed us the cadavers that's been preserved in formalin, which I'm telling you, has quite strong and pungent odor...uugghhh! Some of us opt to touch the bodies since they allowed us to do so, but me and my friend Sare decided not to because I think that seeing the bodies is more than enough and let's just leave the touching part to the medic students...haha.

That's actually not our lesson for today. Our professor urge us to come and see a real dead bodies because there's a big difference between the real and an artificial one. We could see what's inside our body and everything, the small and large intestines, the brains, the liver, kidneys and all. I've never seen a real life body trays before and today I think is the closest thing to a Sara Sidle that I can be, like in CSI... (^_^) But if I were to be given a choice, I never wanted to go there ever again... even the hallways looks eerie and haunted!


Rungitom said...

Oh my... you could be Dr. House and say "It's never Lupus" lol

Some experience you have there, let alone to feel free "touching" the cadaver.

Analog Girl said...

we're not allowed to say anything inappropriate or joking around with it.

i was shivering when i saw the exposed part of the feet before they uncover the was scary! but i really am proud to have stayed in the room otherwise i wouldn't have the chance to see a real life cadaver again...heee

Rungitom said...

Glad you made through the scary experience. :D

Which reminds me of "Franken Fran" Manga

Analog Girl said...

no no, it's not scary at's bizarre... =)