Friday, April 16, 2010

he's an Insomniac like me

Currently... : I have a big crush on Adam Young's music!
Current location: my dull and very uncharacteristic hostel room
Current music (playing in my head this very moment): "And when you close your tired eyes I'll meet you there" (Oooo...I do hope so mr. Adam!)

Actually, I don't have anything to say or report, but I got this sudden urge to write something (because like one of my dear reader said, "blogging is addiction of self-expression"), nothing in particular and I want to announce that I'm very bored. So...what else is new?

I got a message from an old friend last night. It was a shock to actually receive a news from him as we've never been in any contact whatsoever since like 2 years ago. I thought he's already forgot about me. I guess not. Our conversation goes something like this:

mr. long lost friend: hey you! asleep yet?
me: not yet! why are you contacting me out of the blue? something happen?
mr. long lost friend: aiya! wrong time to sms you ka? i just want to ask how you've been doing?
me: i'm doin' alright, what about you?
mr. long lost friend: i'm fine, i lost my front teeth though...

Me and mr. Long Lost Friend
Me with mr. Long lost friend somewhere back in 2007

and the conversation goes on for some time until he doesn't reply my message anymore. I think he passed out. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you're doing well now. Hope to meet you soon buddy!!

I think that's all I got for now. No idea what to write anymore so I better go, minding my mind and tending to its needs.

Sorry for this sort of 'unstimulating' blog post. Until next time...adios!


Yuz @ Hage Maru said...

'Blogging is addiction of self-expression'... I said that and it really happened to me ^___^ Sometimes I blogged when I got nothing else to do (aside of eating, sleeping). I do agree with you, what else we can do in certain limited condition and lack of resources (Refering to mid-month-syndrome; where no budget left for entertainment). Keep it cool, buddy, keep on blogging. I'll do read your blog ^____^

Analog Girl said...

wow! u got some serious case of (self-expression) addiction there! heee...well I'll try to blog as long as I can, and I'd like to say the same to you! keep on blogging fellow blogger! thanks for reading! I appreciate it very mucho!! =)

Yuz @ Hage Maru said...

Yes, I do :p hahhaha don;t take it seriously, I'm felt honoured that you did noticed about what I'd said to you before :) I like your blog, keep on blogging, you are cool person ^____^

Analog Girl said...

Yeah but actually in real life I don't talk much and quite shy around people =)