Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh KL, how I loathe (love) you so!

I wrote this like 3 days ago, so you do the math =)

Currently... : I'm very tired, but then again, when am I not?
Current location: Bandar Mahkota Cheras
Current music: ...kerana, diriku bukan aku Tiap kali kau menjauh...

I think the whole family is tired after what we've been through today. To make long story short, I wanted to tell the story in points... hope this works.
  • Our streamyx modem broke down last year, so we can't use the wifi at home. We bought a new modem but now a new problem arises... the old wifi router doesn't sync with the new modem. :(
  • After 4 months being away from home, I finally got back to Cheras yesterday (26/4), right after finishing my finals.
  • Deciding that going online with wired connection is such a pain in the butt, so I said to my parents, "let's go out tomorrow and buy this long overdue wifi router," and make my life happier :p
  • So today (27/4) we did go out but it turns out we got lost constantly and my father being fed up with KL roads said that it's better to use the KTM instead.
  • We got on the KTM but my dad got the wrong ticket and we have to stop at Bank Negara station. And here's where our little adventure gets a little too adventurous.
  • When we arrived at Bank Negara, it was pouring heavily. We had to take the rapid lrt to Hang Tuah and from there we change our route via monorail to imbi station to our final destination, the Low Yat Plaza.
The wifi router that I bought is Cisco's LinkSys The Wireless-G Home Router with SpeedBurst. ( No complaint from me so far )

To sum our journey, it goes something like this...

KTM Serdang --> Bank Negara ... interchange lrt/ktm ... --> Hang Tuah ... interchange monorail/lrt ... --> Imbi -->
Imbi ... interchange lrt/monorail ... --> Hang Tuah --> Bandar Tsk Selatan ... interchange ktm/lrt ... --> KTM Serdang
But despite the fussiness of the journey, I had fun. There's a lot of things that I saw and I finally know how to get there by using possibly all public transportation (well maybe with a little help from google maps, Thanks Google!) ...hehe... =)

On our way back, I bought a book! It's Emotionally Weird by Kate Atkinson worth only RM7.00... lucky me! It's a bit tattered here and there, but I don't mind though. A good read is a good read, no matter how torn up they looked. And I never judge a book by it's cover.

Have not yet finish it since I'm busy online-ing... hehehe

Maybe I'll finish reading it in Sibu, hopefully!
Oh yeah, on our way back, I saw this girl who wears a skirt that's identical to one that I own, standing just right next to me. Oh my... I really am glad I didn't chose that very same skirt that day... pheeww!

After we got back home, it's a Wi-Fi enabled zone...woohoo!


Yuz @ Hage Maru said...

take a break, have a Kit Kat ^____^

Analog Girl said...

haha... i'll take your advice. but i don't think a kit kat will be enough though, i'll need a bunch of kit kats

Yuz @ Hage Maru said...

Sure, that will do alot of changes to your mood and energy ^____^

Analog Girl said...

and not forget, it will also do a lot of changes to my physique, from small to big! ain't that great??? XD

Sarey said...

hahaha. tragis nye perjalanan ke low yat. hehe. tp at least nora da jjk kaki kt sna :)

Analog Girl said...

Tula pasal! dahla ujan lebat... manusia ramai sampai nak bernafas pun rasa cam oksigen nak abis jep...hehe... p semalam ktorang g low yat ag. this time by car, and we made it there safe and sound... happy nye!! =)

Yuz @ Hage Maru said...

indapa kalo brbh physically, jgn mentally :)

Analog Girl said...

@Yuz: Agreed! (again) hehe